Child of the Armageddon



A Child of the Armageddon is one who carries the taint of Darkness (be it demons, Outsiders, Hell, etc) within their blood. This taint is passed down through the generations from parent to child. This taint endows the Child with an extraordinary power, however, the ability to absorb the power(s) of any Supernatural Being touched.

High Concept Must include your tainted nature (ex: Child of the Armageddon Detective, or Demon Tainted Cop)

(-Varies) Mimic Abilities (note, as a Child is not a shapeshifter, they suffer a hunger track similar to that of a Vampire (as noted below). )
(+1) Feeding Dependency (Powers): At the end of a scene where a Child takes the powers and/or skills of another, or uses already acquired powers, they suffer an attack equal to the number of refresh taken, resisted by their discipline.

Important Skills:

Minimum Refresh Cost (Varies))

From the Casefiles: Shannara Chronicles Season 2

Child of the Armageddon

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