A fiction is exactly what is sounds like, a being formed from the imagination of a mortal. In reality, a fiction is actually a Spirit being, that has manifested a physical form based on inspiration drawn from a mortal mind. However, once the form is taken, the Being is, for all intents and purposes, the fictional character who the Spirit appears to be (ex: A Fiction of Captain James T. Kirk, IS Captain James T. Kirk physically and mentally). The Fiction does retain knowledge of who it truly is, but they will not admit this to anyone, though they do go out of their way to fit in (meaning Captain Kirk will blend in, not run around asking where his starship is, or shooting random people with his phaser, but will act as a regular person, who just happens to be James T. Kirk.) Fictions are almost exclusively Science-Fiction characters, though on occasion there has been a superhero or two.

High Concept Must include fictional nature (ex: Fiction Security Guard or Fiction Soldier)

Human Form (+1)
Heroic Change (-1) : Works similar to Beast Change, except the Fiction changes from their normal every day appearance to their fictional appearance. (Ex. Captain Kirk shifts from looking like William Shatner in normal street clothes to Captain Kirk complete with Classic Uniform, Phaser, Tricorder, and Communicator). All powers fall under this form, and are utilized through any items that appear during the change, except for:
Swift Transition with No Mortal Home (-1)

Important Skills: None
Minimum Refresh Cost (-Varies)
From the Casefiles: Various Sources


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