The Dark Portal



Face: Angela Golgrinn
Angela is a Celestial, more accurately, a demon called a Lillim, or in her case, a Bright Lillim. She has sought and found redemption. Formerly a Demon in the service of the Demon Prince Azmodeus, she now serves the Archangel, Lawrence. She takes her duties watching over the portal and ensuring it is never used very seriously.
Themes & Threats
Theme: Portal to Azeroth

Aspect: Powered by A Fallen Archangel

Aspect: Protected by A Goddess

Created to destroy a Fallen Archangel and return Illidan Stormrage to his home world of Azeroth, The Dark Portal resides, hidden beneath the city, in a now unused Subway terminal beneath Manhattan. The portal is one way, only providing travel to Azeroth. It is protected by powerful magics placed by the Lady of Autumn, as well as the Cult of Elune.

The Dark Portal

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