21st Street Mission



Face: Terri Vinterbäras
Terri is the administrator of the 21st Street Mission, regarded by some as The Angel of Downtown. She cares for one and all beneath her roof, and does whatever she can to help those in need. Terri is also a Daughter of The Leananshidhe, though she has turned her back on Winter, and uses what magic she inherited to protect The Mission and those within it’s walls.
Themes & Threats
Theme: Haunted Mission that Caters to the Needy

Aspect: Comfort Within These Walls

Aspect: The Weak Must Be Protected

The 21st Street Mission has existed for as long as anyone can recall, and just as long by Terri Vinterbäras, a beautiful, caring, and optimistic dreamer who feels that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, and that anyone who needs help, should be given it.

The Mission provides refuge to many, food for plenty, and a place to sleep in times of need. Among the mundanes of New York, it is known as a beacon of Hope and Charity. Among the supernatural crowd, the Mission is known as a haven from the darker things in the world, for the Mission has several protections.

The first protection is the Mission counts as Holy Ground, and gives all the benefits of such a site.

Second, is the Mission is fiercely protected by the ghost of Edith Keeler, the woman who founded and ran the mission in the 1920’s, until she tragically died in a car accident outside the mission’s door. Ms. Keeler, like Terri, was known as a beautiful and caring woman, an optimistic dreamer, who foresaw a future of peace and prosperity for all mankind. Unknown to any, including Ms. Keeler, she was also the host for the remaining power of the Iroquois deity, Atahensic, the Goddess of Peace. Upon her tragic death, this power melded with her fleeing spirit and formed a ghost of enormous power, dedicated to protecting the Mission and those within it’s walls.

21st Street Mission

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