55 Central Park West



Face: Oscar Barrett
Oscar is the Superintendent of 55 Central Park West and the son of Dana Barrett. His mother was once possessed by Sumerian Demigod, and as a baby, he was the chosen receptacle of an ancient Carpathian Kemmerlite. His unique situation has left him with unique abilities of which he is unaware.
Themes & Threats
Theme:Apartment building built by Occultist Architect

Aspect: Spook Central

Aspect: Power Gravitates Here

Across the street from Tavern on the Green (in Central Park), 55 Central Park West is the location of the infamous Goser incident (aka the Nerve Gas Attack of 1985). Glossed over by the Government (both Federal, State, and Local) as a terrorist incident involving highly sensitive nerve agents, this corner is the location of the largest Para-Temporal cross rep in the world. It was here that the Sumerian God, Goser, entered into the world, intent on destroying human civilization, only to be stopped by four mortals equipped with a little knowledge and nuclear accelerator particle weapons.

In reward for their efforts, the Ghostbusters were arrested, their assets seized, and they were never seen again. Shortly after the incident, the upper floors were rebuilt. Oddly enough, one of the people involved in the incident, NYC Philharmonic Lead Cellist Dana Barret, was one of the first people to move into the building (along with her son, Oscar) following the renovation, where she remains a steady presence in the building, making all who move in feel welcome. It helps that Oscar Barret was recently installed as Superintendent of the building.

An unusual number of beings of Supernatural bent, ranging from Halfbloods, to full blown wizards, all seem to live, unknowing of their neighbors abilities, in the apartments of the building.

55 Central Park West

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