Alaska Vanderbilt



Alaska Vanderbilt
High Concept: Pyromaniacal Pyromancer and Heiress

Alaska Vanderbilt, is the eldest daughter of the Vanderbilt family, and heiress to the family’s vast fortune. Since she was a teenager, she has also been a troublemaker, daddy’s girl, and a pyromancer.

Her ability has been kept secret, only through her family’s influence and money, not for lack of trying on her part. Alaska likes to party hard, and likes to start fires. Strangely enough though, she is also afraid of fire. This helps prevent her from being caught. It was one such incident in one of the Sorority houses of NYU, that Professor Alfred Newcastle discovered Alaska’s abilities. He quickly
convinced the Vanderbilts he could teach the girl to control her abilities, then proceeded to do so, while also using her need to burn things by pointing her at some of the darker things in the city. Since then, the two have been staunch allies.

Alaska, recently moved out on her own, buying out the top penthouse at 55 Central Park West, where, thanks to the Paparazzi, it has become known that she has become involved with Oscar Barret, the building superintendent. The tabloids call it a fling, her family hopes it is such, and her contemporaries say she is with someone beneath herself. Whether the two are serious about each other or whether Alaska is simply slumming, remains to be seen.

Alaska Vanderbilt

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