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Andromeda started her life being left on the doorstep of her father, Jason Spiridakos. A very precocious child. She started walking and talking a lot quicker then most children do. By the age of 3 she was able to walk rings around most people in many ways. As most children can do, she was able to get people wrapped around her finger reaching even the most distant of people, especially men. By the time she was 5, she was able to bypass most technological barriers that were placed to restrict her access, without anyone knowing it. The first time she did this was when she easily got around the parental blocks that her father put on her computer. After several more incidents, her father decided it was easier to stop putting any blocks in her way and let her become herself. Her father decided to not just let the fates decide his daughters’ fate, so being an avid hunter, he decided it was time to see if he could get his daughter into the same sport that he loved. Wanting to spend time with her father, Andromeda started to go hunting with her father and enjoyed it, learning how to use many different fire-arms and learning how to safely use and store them

Andromeda was quickly enrolled into an exclusive school for the gifted and talented. This is where she met those who would become her friends. These friends were quite wealthy themselves, except for Charlie, who was in school on scholarship, and followed Andromeda like a lost puppy. Andromeda thought this was cute, so she took him under her wing, to mold him in her image. Due to her circle of friends, Andromeda got into the world of Fantasy Computer Games, as well as the world of high end hacking. She took to the hacking like a duck to water, starting with low level copyright and DRM breaking, and by the time she was 7, under the name “Tisiphone” (one of the Greek Furies), she had already gained a name for herself within the community. Looking to find something even better to hack, she heard rumors of a new computer the Military was testing, and felt to truly become Elite she needed to hack this system. So, over the next few months she started doing her research, eventually discovering the Military System, and then she found a backdoor into the system. On her 8th birthday, she finally hacked the W.O.P.R successfully, not realizing what she would eventually unleash. The A.I. at the heart of the W.O.P.R. system took an interest in the young intruder, an followed her as she exited the system, monitoring her from that time forward. After that it was gravy for her. She never got caught, not knowing she had an “angel” watching her back.

Andromeda’s world was completely upended in the spring of her 13th birthday when, at dinner, her father gave her an early birthday present, an ancient bronze dagger, a dagger that came with a book describing the dagger and its name, Katoptris, and its long history. This history showed her families’ lineage back through the ages, directly to Helen of Troy and her first husband Menelaus. This history included some interesting names that distinctly looked like the names of Greek gods. This book coincided with the stories her father would tell her while she was growing up, and explained why there were only a few pictures of her father with a woman of unearthly beauty. He also gave her the heads up that the coming summer and Future summers would no longer be her own. He explained that he had no choice but to send her to a camp on the other side of the country, and that the decision was no longer in his hands.

Her first night at Camp Halfblood was a whirlwind both vivid and vague at the same time. Her first indication of strangeness that her life would become, was when she was greeted by her friend Charlie (in his true form as a satyr), followed by meeting Chiron, who was half horse half man. Beyond that, things were a flurry of activity and anticipation, dinner was half eaten and digested, asthe new campers were sized up but not really integrated. That evening at the bonfire everything changed, as the new campers where “chosen” by their parents and whisked away towards the groups of their own Parentage. Andromeda was chosen by her mother, Aphrodite. Andromeda was enveloped in a thick, red haze, and when that cleared she was no longer dressed in the clothing she started the day with. She was wearing an outfit that was perfect in every way, the dagger Katoptris no longer in her bag, but instead sitting in her hand visibly changed into a beautiful jeweled hair-clip that could instantly become the dagger at will. This blessing continued to last for a good week to make Andromeda realize the truth that her life had changed and she needed to start changing how she lived it. The first member of her cabin to accept Andromeda, was head councilor Selena Beauregard, whom Andromeda grew to consider both a friend and a mentor. From then until the age of 18 Andromeda went to camp some years as a camper and later, as a councilor herself.

Her summers at camp changed her life back at home. By the age of 15 she was fully on board with her new life. Instead of spending her days and nights on her computer, she started to spend her days and nights in front of the mirror, or at the mall shopping for new and trendy clothing and buying makeup, naturally knowing how to wear both. She never left the house without her hair and makeup perfect, her clothing immaculate. Along with the change in her looks and dress was her attitude towards the popular kids and the realization that she wanted that kind of life, so she and her old friends started to move into different directions. While her old friends where getting arrested for Hacking or spending hours playing Galaxy of Starcraft, she was going out for cheerleading. By the time she was a sophomore in high school, she was head cheerleader, and well on her way to becoming the most popular girl at school. Her grades were still good, but she started to use her looks to help with the classes she wasn’t great at, and she wasn’t shy about manipulating her teachers or fellow students to get what she wanted. She was named Prom Queen and Homecoming Queen the same year. During this time she also had a few run-ins with a few different mythological creatures, one with a harpy during her Senior Prom and another with a Cyclops during her senior class trip to Disney Land.

The same year she graduated high school was also her last year at camp. That summer ended up being one of the hardest she has ever experienced, the final fight in what would be called the Titan War. Andromeda and her fellow Demigods fought tooth and nail protecting the City of New York, from Kronos and his followers, including a bunch of Demigods who felt disenfranchised because there parents never chose them. This war also lost Andromeda her best friend, Selina Beauregard, who died a hero’s death. (Andromeda will fight with anyone who tries to say otherwise.) This one event made her realize she was not doing enough, so she volunteered to go to Olympus and finish the fight. She still has nightmares and still misses her friend, but knows what they did was the right thing. The nightmares weren’t the only things that effected Andromeda; she also learned that swords and spears weren’t enough to survive in the modern world of myth and legend.

After the Titan War was over, her years at camp ended, and it was time for her to move on with her life. So she enrolled in college, going to UCLA. While there, she posed for Playboy twice, once in the magazine for their College Girls issue, and again a few months later on their website, as Cyber Girl of the month for December. These two shoots got her recognition and she was contacted by former model Zoe Washburne, who was opening a new modeling agency and wanted Andromeda as her client. Feeling like she was not going anywhere in college, Andromeda decided to drop out after her first semester and took Zoe’s offer, quickly gaining a contract with Victoria’s Secret. Within three months, she was named to the level of the elite, when she was announced as the newest Angel. By this point, she was already best friends with a few of the other Angels – specifically Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio. Oddly enough she and Rosie Huntington-Whitley have a serious Enmity that neither is willing to talk about or explain.

About a year ago while meeting with her agent, she literally bumped into one of the agency’s newest clients, the Captain for the New York Rangers, Marcus Sudolov. It was an accident that was set up by Zoe. The two quickly hit it off and their first date was that evening, a fundraising event at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It became a media frenzy, since both were not known for long term relationships. The more they were seen together the more the bigger the media frenzy got. Then 2 months before the Victoria Show aired, they made the public announcement of their engagement.

The happiness could not last, because after the Victoria Secret Fashion Show, the unthinkable happened. Two men, one brandishing a gun the other brandishing a sword, broke into the back stage area of the show. The man holding the gun put two shots into Justin Bieber (killing him) as a diversion, while the other made a beeline for Marcus, who was backstage to congratulate Andromeda. Marcus drew a concealed Roman Gladius, and the fight quickly moved into a side room. Having no idea what was actually going on, and worried about the one she loved, Andromeda used the Mist to quickly modify everyone’s vision to sword as a gun, then she quickly followed into the room, still wearing her last underwear outfit and wings. Katoptris in hand, she attacked the swordsman, getting thrown into the wall for her trouble, hitting her head and getting knocked out. She came to just in time to see her FiancĂ© loose his head, and something she wasn’t expecting to see, the ensuing lightshow of the death of an Immortal. By the time she completely got her bearings, the man was no where to be seen. She spent the next several hours answering all of the Police’s questions, neglecting to mention her actions beyond entering the room and being knocked out.

Since then she has been trying to pick up the pieces of her life, and only in the past few weeks has she started to come back to her old self, starting to party like she did before she fell in love.

Andromeda Biography

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