Andromedas Journal Episode 2



Taken from the journal of Andromeda Spiridakos and translated from Ancient Greek

Andromeda’s Journal Entry 2 (Translated from Ancient Greek)

Journal Entry 2, this entry starts after we dealt with one Risa Hirano.

We had three weeks of “downtime” before the shit hit the fan again, for me that was not completely the case. Within those three weeks I had to help my friend Becky burry David Stutler her fiancĂ©, that only gave me a day or two for myself, and in that time I had to find a new place and get it furnished, I cant say enough about Zoe my agent who helped me a lot with that, which allowed me to fly out to Hawaii for a photo shoot with a clear conscience. The shoot should have been enjoyable and on the whole it was, at least after the whole Stalker thing was dealt with, I have to say the 5-0 Task force especially one Detective Danny Williams where exemplary he went above and beyond anything that I could have expected, he is what made the trip better, after the whole thing was dealt with he and I had one hell of a fling and truth be told I really was not interested in having a long distance relationship. Once the shoot was over I flew back to New York and he stayed in Hawaii.

With that taken care of, I bring you back to New York. After arriving home to my new apartment, which is seriously nice by the way, I found a Manila Envelope along with the rest of my mail, this Envelope included images of my father telling me to meet at the shop around the corner the next morning. I will say that was NOT what I wanted to come home to, but since it was my father I decided to go. Well the next morning when I arrived I found the rest of the group arriving as well, all with the same type of envelope that included images of people they cared about.

A few minutes later Lazarus arrived, at the time we thought it was the real him, but later found out he was never there in the first place. More proof that Lazarus was a coward, he would never come at us straight on himself only through his proxies. The Image blustered and threatened and tried to get us to commit to kill someone that none of us new, this man was Connor McCloud an antiques dealer in the city. We all said no… And then Lazarus blustered and threatened some more and left. Unfortunately this would not be the last we heard of him, He would be a thorn in our sides for a bit longer.

After the incident with Lazarus we moved our location to the Flame of Knowledge, I contacted my father to see if he was ok, but found out he was on his way to New York, as a special consultant on the Kardashian trial, one of the many people that he has as a client, I will get more into my father and the fallout from that in a few. Now firmly conferrable at the flame, we started to talk about Ley-lines and the like… and I just realized I am getting a little to info-dumpy and I think its time to condense things. What info we had on Lazarus which at the time was next to nothing. That lead us to maby chance our thinking and we started to track his movements, and found he was connected to the Vanderbilt’s. Through our various contacts we learned that Lazarus and Alaska where apparently close and that Lazarus had visited her twice since she had been in the hospital. This whole episode got Terri who by the way isn’t the most stable of individuals, to “Nuke the Vanderbilt’s”, something that none of us where keen on doing.

ok a side note we did find out that someone did try to kill Alaska, probably has nothing to do with what we where working on so we pretty much dropped it after a disastrous meeting with, a white court and a very powerful Winter Fey a seriously Hot Fey, not that the little experience I have with them there is an ugly one though. I will NOT elaborate, sufficed to say it was NOT pleasant, nor was it an incident I would like to re-live.

We then went to Connor McLeod’s shop and did a little B&E, again I reiterate I only include this because it was seriously interesting and odd but does not play a part in the whole conflict with Lazarus. The only thing we found other then some seriously nice and ancient Greek Artifacts that I personally want to acquire for my own collection was the Great Claymore that was once wielded by the Scottish hero William Wallace, the sword itself wasn’t what drew our eyes the part that really made the whole display was that it was stuck in a block of ice, in the same position as if it was Excalibur in the sword in the stone, with the whole thing emanating a blue glow with the words “Whosoever pulleth this sword from this block of ice is the rightful ruler of Scotland.”, again I will not go into the whole conversation this led into because its not really important.

It was at this point David got a text with an image of Serena a woman that he cares about “An elf but not a fey apparently”, tied to a wheelchair wearing an explosives vest, on the top floor of a parking garage, a place we later identified as a garage near Central Park Station. more proof that Lazarus was a coward, he always had someone else do his dirty work for him, he would never get his own hands dirty, well to make a long story short with the help of David’s Fairy God Mother Ariel, we were able to save Serena without any of us getting killed in the process, but we were able to get one of our enemies, “I will say this Serena is hot herself, Not 100% sure what she sees in David, but its not my place to question the Gods work in mysterious and most times Frustrating ways, my mother is one of the worst admixed them,” sorry, I digressed there… back to what I was saying Saundra one of our long time quarry still around was forced to loose one of her arms to get away. “Sorry about any issues with writing this, I am trying to get it done I have a seriously hot Siobhan laying behind me wanting my attention, you will learn all about her later” With that sordid incident taken care of and even more proof that Lazarus needs to be dealt with sooner then later. From what i learned David went with her, he must really love her.

After that incident I just noticed how late it was and that my father had not called me yet, it is only a 4 hour plane ride from Cali to NY, I called my father a second time that day getting his voice mail this time. I left him a message asking him to call me, something he didn’t do until much later. He called me from a club, I noticed by the music that he was at Studio, a Club that he would never go to anyway; it’s just not his scene. He also told me that he had met a woman on the plane and wanted to spend some time with her, again something he would never do, My father may never have gotten married after having had been with mommy dearest, but Picking up a woman on the plane never. this got me seriously worried, After breaking up to change, just because my father is in danger I still have a reputation I need to keep up especially when I go to a club like 54, it would have looked suspicious if I hadn’t at least made an effort, I didn’t take my normal time but I did still look good. “Not that I ever don’t look good that is.”

I can happily say that nothing bad happened, and that I have the same woman that is lying behind me Siobhan Chu to thank for that… “Charles gave me her full name, as we where walking up to her and my father”, if it was not for Siobhan I don’t know what would have happened, well the events unfolded as this, Terri and Jane went off to talk to someone that Terri new, as Charles and I went up to the bar… which is where we found both Siobhan and my father Jason, apparently taking…. as I said by the time we made it over to the bar the lady that my father had met on the plane saw this, and was NOT happy with Siobhan and turned around heading back into the balcony “without my father happily to me, not to him” my father and I had a bit of an argument in which he left in a huff heading back to his apartment alone, to my happiness.. “Its not that I don’t want my father happy, I do; but on this occasion I can say now that him going home alone I was happy about” after my father left and we started to talk to Siobhan, and I offered to buy her a drink in thanks, which she politely declined at the time, “I think I have thanked her in better ways since” and said she felt unconvertible here and was about to leave, but before leaving she told us that the woman in question was one Jessica Brown, who apparently was the last remnant of the Ishtar who was the last Babylonian goddess of “love”, and no I don’t mean Love as in Aphrodite love, and that Siobhan had seen her talking with Lazarus on few days before. “On a personal note, when Siobhan left, he had left her number for me, and yes if you are wondering I did call, but that it probably evident in the fact she is laying behind me”.

Long Story short the next day included allot sharing allot of information, again I am not going into all the info we got, just to say it started an argument within the group of weather we should trust a Vampire Red, White, Purple.. whatever or even work with one, “one of the few times I have seen Charles loose his cool and not even listen to reason” we also found out that apparently Lazarus had a vendetta with Connor and a few others, every one of them apparently lives in the City, still have no idea what his beef with them was, we never really delved deep into that aspect. We all also got protection set for our families, at least the ones that needed said protection.

On a personal note, I did call Siobhan and set up a date, unfortunately un-foreseen circumstances would force both of us to re-schedule.

Back to the story in hand, that evening which was the 24th if February, this whole thing started on the 22nd of February. we met up again, this time for dinner, which is where we learned of three assassins that the coward Lazarus had hired to take us and our loved ones out, they where the ghoul named Tigress, a CIA built “terminator” that was immune to hexing who we found out was named Cameron Jameson, and the final assassin the one we already met named Jessica Brown. This also left us with the information that Lazarus had left town and is in Atlantic City, This last lead got us started to work out what we where going to do in AC, we where at my place, “I will say we are NEVER meeting here again.. I have lost one place; I am not loosing a second.”. Well during this conversation I got a message and images of the same homeless woman casing all of our places, but didn’t think twice about it… “next time I am most DEFINITLY NOT, going ignore something like that again”, well after everyone had just left the Tigress decided to attack me, the only thing that saved me and my apartment was the fact that the group had not completely left, I wont deny I blame myself for the death of the college kid as the door guard, everyone tells me I shouldn’t but if I had taken the hint he wouldn’t be dead… “Siobhan is telling me I shouldn’t beat myself up over it”.

On the 27th, after getting the fake ID’s we would use in AC, that apparently were not needed. I called Siobhan to postpone our date, I was feeling really bad about it, but when she said she had to do the same, helped… well we found out something that didn’t register on me but it did on Charles that Siobhan mentioned something about a Zombie Afternoon, because apparently he called her back to find out what happened. And a discussion about necromancy and a necromancer being involved with Lazarus ensued the conversation really didn’t go anywhere and since we had no proof we let it slide for now. I can say dealing with Wizards can be hazardous in my cell phones, because two days after he left it. I got a message from my father asking me to call him. Which I did, finding out that he was moving to the city, and closing his practice in LA and opening one up here in New York. I am still a tad shocked at that, never thought my dad would move out of LA, especially not to the east coast, if anything I felt he would have moved back home to Greece, and "I don’t know as much as I love my father I am still not sure how much I like the idea of him living in the same City, well I wont deny the idea of being closer to dad isn’t a bad one, and truth be told I don’t think he has ever fully embraced my choice in careers I know he isn’t against it but…. I guess only time will tell how this whole thing will work out, also with that conversation I had to lie to my father telling him that I had a shoot down in AC, and that I would be away for a few days. The group where not happy to hear I left a trail, but what was done was done.

I won’t go into details of the AC trip other then to say it was an unmitigated disaster; we lost 9 days, and only woke up on March 8th. Thanks to the Lotus Eaters, word of warning to all… DO NOT go to the Revel, if you do don’t eat or drink anything… and that apparently Lazarus was working with someone that Jane called Uncle Morty… who apparently had another name Muerte, someone from her parents past, but to make a long boring story short.. We didn’t get Lazarus, but we did get screwed. So we went back to New York, and back to square one… and a terse Text message from Lazarus, saying “Better Luck Next Time”.

On the 9th of March, we met up again, this time at Charles place, this was the point when both Charles and I both got texts each with the same image of Siobhan tied and gagged in a chair, with what are called mage cuffs on her wrists, in some basement. “I wont deny that internally I wanted to just bust some heads, I really didn’t care whose at that point”, again to make a long story short, Charles did his Magicical detection thing and we found out where she was taken and being held, we went to that location, and cased the joint, I was starting to feel like we where getting nowhere, and I was seconds away from jumping out of the car and doing a one woman raid on the place, "yes I know your saying, but I haven’t even had a date with this woman and I was already going to risk my life for her, the truth of the matter is. the first minute I laid my eyes on her, I new she was someone special and I guess you can say it was “love at first sight”". Well the rest of the group was able to talk me down, and asked me if I could use the dagger to see how an assault would have gone… Well the dagger showed everyone dying and a small crater where the house used to be, that in it stopped us in our tracks. This was about the same time that Lazarus called me with an offer, one I couldn’t and wouldn’t refuse that he would give up Siobhan in exchange for me, I didn’t even have to think about it, I accepted, knowing full well I probably wouldn’t survive it, but I would then and still would now do anything for Siobhan. He wanted to meet me at the Empire State Building at midnight and to go alone.

The rest of the group thought this was a bad idea, but realized that it did give us some time to work with. again with David’s Fairy God Mother, and Charles taking on some debt, we where able to ambush the ones that where transporting Siobhan, well not going into a blow-by-bow account but surfaced to say that since I am writing this, and Siobhan is laying behind me… we where able to defeat them, not easily but we did, I almost died, and by the grace of the Gods survived the fight. when I woke up apparently fully healed, I should have had to be in a cast as I seriously Torked my knee, I saw Siobhan on top of me, and the minute I woke up I guess you can say the lip lock we embraced lasted if I was able to count between three and five minutes… and damn was it good. Again time was against us going beyond that, we managed to make it back thanks to Charles.

I am again going to shorten this, as it is getting longer then I originally wanted. And I really want to get back to the woman I love. Cameron the “terminator” was not completely destroyed and I was able to do some re-programming and repairing her and now I guess you can say she is on our side. Even though later I had to go in and fix her a second time, we also found out thanks to Muerte that he was Lazarus’s magical power, which spelled the beginning of the end for Lazarus. O I forgot to say… our time in summer apparently lasted for three more days. When we got out and finished the work on Cameron who is no longer Jameson… she is now Tam… and has a completely different personality…. I know its a bit of a sick joke that we played, but with the reaction that V.S had seeing Cameron Making Breakfast for the group kind of had him wanted to backup and run, but instead he kind of backed up into David.. So after the joke, we went back to work figuring out what to do with Lazarus for the final time. Cameron was a great help, and thanks to her information we had a plan in place.

Again I will not bore you with the details, but it ended with us victorious and Lazarus dead, unfortunately his death was fairly public, so we had to make a deal with the Feds, to get us away, owing them a favor in the future.. I still can’t believe I lost my cool with Jane’s boss, and lost any chance of getting my hands on the armor he was wearing because damn that stuff was beautiful. after everything quieted down and I had the chance to do some research on it and realized it was the same armor that Alexander wore, I am still kicking myself for loosing the chance for that armor, dosent help that I know i would have made it look GOOD, “hell i make everything look good.” Maybe one day I will have another chance at that armor, then again maybe not… I guess only time will tell, the fates can be fickle that way.

I cant end this without some personal matters, before the final fight with Lazarus happened I had a last minute offer to be in a Pitbull video, unfortunately it came at a seriously bad time, so I had to turn it down.

Siobhan and I finally where able to spend some time together, “great thing by the way, but I will say it’s going to make my life allot more interesting going forwards” and I wouldn’t want it any other way, I love this woman to distraction, I love everything about her, I went through Hades so I could have the opportunity and I will go through a thousand more to keep her. It has been a long time since I have felt this way about anyone, and I can say I am glad to have found her.

Before I end this, I want to say… I have started to realize how much my technical skills are coming to the forefront and I won’t deny I am starting to worry, as much as I have issues with my mother, and I am pretty sure she has many with me as well, but getting the eye of her Husband Hephaestus, might not be the greatest of ideas. But I guess I will have to see where that leads, because I am not going to change that part of me because that is Uniquely me, Andromeda Spiridakos.

That concludes this Entry, I have an annoyed Siobhan who has wanted my attention for a while now while I write this, and an annoyed Siobhan is a bad thing, so I shall finish this, and make it up to her.

Andromedas Journal Episode 2

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