Andromedas Journal Episode 4



Andromeda’s Journal Entry 4 (Translated from Ancient Greek)

Journal Entry 4, this entry starts after dealing with Akon and the Zombie plague

Well guess it’s time for another one of these Entry’s, looking back I figure it’s the fourth since I joined up with the group of individuals. Things started fairly quiet, three great weeks on the Italian Coast, Milan to be exact on a bathing suit shoot for Vicky’s, like all shoots for me I thoroughly enjoyed it, I don’t get how some of the girls think it can get tiresome it never does for me but I enjoy the camera and the attention, I guess you can say I thrive on it. It does not hurt I had Siobhan there for me; I can say I utterly love the sensibilities of the Europeans and there view on the human body, something Siobhan and I took full advantage of. On days I was not shooting I took full advantage of sunning topless, hades we also spent some time on one of the nude beaches, and yes even finding a secluded spot and having some personal fun, if you have yet to try sex on a beach you should its heavenly. As all good things do, they must come to an end. Flying back solo, Siobhan taking the ways again and meeting back up at our place; we are living together by this time.

I had a week to relax and took it upon myself to give Susanna Hoffman a call, seeing how she is doing and wondering if she was interested in going out to lunch. So on the 25th of April we met up at Rockefeller Center where I treated her to a nice lunch then surprised her with a shopping trip to one of New York’s most exclusive (expensive) clothing stores, as well as a trip to Victoria Secrets Times Square store. I also made sure to keep the day about her, trying to find as much information out, how she grew up, what her parents were like etc… Even her aspirations, (I still plan on introducing Susanna to my agent when she gets back from Italy). This is when I learned about her fascination with Liam Hemsworth, don’t get me wrong he is good looking, but his brother now he is to die for….

The Peace was not to last, on the evening of the 10th of May before Siobhan what would become our last true night out as a couple I got a call from one Calliope AKA. Jennifer Smith, wanting a meeting for the next afternoon and if I would be so kind to call the rest of the group, I acquiesced to her request and gave everyone a call, then went out to Studio for some fun.

On the 11th of May the meeting with Calliope happened, and we found out that she was being drained more to the point the drain was effecting her control, as three of us found out personally Cameron, Jane and I where all effected. Apparently this drain started 2 years ago, and that Zeus had completely turned his back on her. Un-related to this she is the model Kate Upton, a fellow model and the one I personally replaced as angel, the odd part of that was Upton and I are about the same build I am a tad bustier then she is though, and that is the stated reason she was fired (Very suspicious if you ask me). As the meeting was wrapping up Susanna showed up, not a bad thing mind you she was a lot of help dealing with Akon and his people.

We the group separated going our own ways to talk to our personal information brokers, the information we gathered was as follows, and this was also given out the next day the 12th of May when we got back together. I was kept out of the loop on the official line that there are only eight Muses and Calliope didn’t officially exist. That Homers tablet was stolen directly from the museum of Athens which should not have been possible as Athena herself was guarding it.

To make a long story short I did go to see an old friend of mine the Human Resources Director one Joseph Ranier, he owed me a favor as three years earlier I had set him up with his wife well ex-wife now, apparently he could never keep it in his pants as it was, well he was willing to get the information I requested the only thing he wanted was me to go out to dinner with him, and probably get me into bed, (Maybe I should have it might have been less embarrassing then what I actually did that evening.).

We also learned that Cameron was not the only of her kind, that there were at last two others that we knew of at least, and might be more.

The Discussion brought up that the Tablet; Homers Tablet to be exact has connections to more than just Greece, The conversation then shifted to the fact that I was kept out the loop when it came to Calliope and the reasons why, this lead me to contact Dr. Blake a fellow halfblood, his answers where a tad confusing and worry some as he didn’t know anything about Mrs. Windrunner, which lead to the suggestion that I come down to see her. Instead of just me going we all did, piling into Terri’s van, well we didn’t get there yet instead we got into a fight with two of Cameron’s sisters, all of them attacking Cameron and ignoring the rest of us. We were able to take one of them down but before we could do anything more she blew up, her sister got away.

The remainder of the group minus Cameron and Susanna who had not joined us went to Blake’s place. Just as we arrived my phone rang it was Susanna wanting me to prove to her friends I was who I said I was, I gladly took a picture with today’s paper on it, and Promised I would personally take both Susanna and her friends out to a nice lunch.

I won’t go into complete details here but suffice to say this is the reason Siobhan and I am no longer together. I guess you can say instead of just talking to the good Doctor, I let my baser nature ok who am I kidding my Slutty Nimpho side got out and well next thing I know the doc and I are doing the horizontal mambo (being completely honest I loved it, It had been way to long since I had been with a guy) well which was kind of interrupted when the door was blown in and who stood there was Siobhan, she kind of had murder on her mind, thankfully Charles was there so instead of killing us she stormed off, I was not quick enough so by the time I got outside she was gone. Instead of staying with the group I decided to take a walk (yea I know stupid of me a hot woman at night walking alone in the city, but truth be told at the time I could not face the group). During my walk Cameron called saying she had to leave, so we could finish the Calliope situation.

On the 13th of May, we met back up and I eventually decided to show up after some prodding from Susanna, This is the same day we learned about yet another player and yet another artifact that was causing issues one Curtis manning who apparently was the host for what V.S and Charles called a Fallen Angel (evil as they come apparently), dealing with him caused a lot of issues and forced us to stop dealing with the Calliope issue and deal with him and the item apparently the “Ring of Oberon” which can control seriously powerful (and apparently Terri in a fit of stupidity offered it to Mab (the winter Queen), a few days later we actually did take out this Fallen Angel, a Denarion apparently. Partially thanks to Susanna and I, putting ourselves out in the open while everyone else hid in wait, Getting the ring didn’t actually finish it, O that would have to wait for the next day.. By the gods! Why can’t anything on a quest be simple?
Well the ring was eventually removed from play, it wasn’t easy as we had to deal with the forces of both Mave (The winter Lady), the Escobado cartel (red court vampires), and Hades (Manticore (I have one a tale barb sitting in my computer room, still no idea what to do with it though). Now we could FINALY get back on track…

Our contact with Manning did turn up one thing at least, we finally found out who had the Tablet, one Adrika Niranjana (a seriously fucked up bitch), also that Siobhan had moved on very quickly and was with her now. We also got information that my agent Zoe Washburn was involved (found out later she was not as she was in Italy at the time, to my happiness), this was a step in the right direction, and was the most important lead we had… as now we had who, we just needed to find out Where. The where didn’t take that long to figure out, and unfortunately we made a deal with Luciano (I hate dealing with his kind of scum, and Chiron is going to seriously tan my hide when he finds out that we promised and delivered the Tablet to him.). I can’t believe we actually did this but we sent a group of Fairies out with Geiger counters, O I guess I forgot that apparently the “fucked up Bitch” got her hands on a soviet Nuke. Well to make a long story short we Stormed Adrikas family home, and won the day, getting the Nuke, the Tablet, and Siobhan (who had been royally mind fucked by the “Fucked Up Bitch”) you know I wonder if I asked one of my sisters if they could loan me a pilum or two so I can literally put “Fucked up Bitches” I mean Adrikas’ head on it… I almost forgot when we questioned the Terrorist for Hire, he gave some striking information, so now I think I need to ask my sisters for two Pilum, one for Adrika the other for ass Sudolev the ass hole that killed my fiancée, apparently he has decided to throw his hat in the ring trying to fuck up my life and apparently those that are close to me, because he was the reason everyone was looking at Zoe my agent as an enemy.

Now that business is out of the way I can include some of the more personal incidents, As I alluded to earlier Susanna and I have an interesting relationship, NO nothing sexual or anything, more like an older sister younger sister type thing, I have decided to take her under my wing and make her realize how beautiful she is and can be. Yes the first step was to take her shopping, the second step was on the 15th of May was to take her, her friends and Charlotte out to lunch by Susanna’s request I took them to Rockefeller Center for lunch, (won’t deny Charlottes face the minute she walked up seeing me next to Susanna was satisfying). The surprised were not over for Susanna but something I have been keeping under my hat for days as I wanted to make this announcement in front of Susanna’s friends that I was going to pay for everything for her Prom, I got a top designer (friend) to create a one of a kind dress, I also arraigned for the limo, but I think the biggest shocker of them all was when I announced that I got Liam Hemsworth as her date, Susanna almost fainted at that, Charlotte did (which did get a laugh out of everyone).

I can say that lunch and the reactions made my day, the day itself had not really started all that well in the fact that Siobhan had called, suggesting that I was doing something with Susanna (was not the case and never will be), I also found out and was flattered that Susanna had called Siobhan trying to get us back together, (apparently it backfired), doesn’t help that the last time I tried to talk to Siobhan I made a complete ass of myself in public. (Yes I do realize I am the reason Siobhan got mind fucked so easily, trust me not my most shining moment, as I do care about her.) But as the relationship goes, I guess upon reflection it was nothing more than a rebound relationship, as it had not been all that long since the death of Marcus, I still owe that Son of a Bitch. But back onto happier topics Outside of some seriously nasty dreams about two days after we saved Calliope things went back to normal, I pretty much dove into helping Susanna get ready for her prom, a full day of pampering, helping her with her dress and makeup, seeing her and Liam off, taking pictures… and generally having a great time, also the fact that Liam and I are friends I trust him, that trust was not misplaced when the next afternoon I got a call from Susanna giving me all the details of her prom and that evening, I could tell she was a little nerves’ as to not wanting to get Liam in trouble since she is only 16 and the fact that he is a Public Persona, I basically told her that to cover everyone’s backside just in case anything comes out or anything happens she needs to get official permission from her legal guardian, outside of that the biggest thing I made sure is that she used protection, not like I had any right or would be upset about the choice as I was much younger I was 13 my first year at Camp. Susanna also told me that Liam was talking her out again that night.. I can say I am proud that the Moth has become the Butterfly… She is finally realizing her true beauty and potential and honestly Liam is a great guy he deserves someone like Susanna.

I did eventually fulfill my promise to Susanna to take her to Studio, the three of us Liam, Susanna and I went to studio, I the look on Susanna’s face was priceless and made me proud, I think she had a great time, she was in seventh heaven as I showed her around the place, both the public area, the upper balcony, even the basement.. Honestly I guess you can get jaded sometimes when you go into that place knowing that you can go anywhere, so seeing someone who has never been to Studio and seeing their reactions to the place, brings the excitement back for you, makes you realize how lucky you are.

Every time Liam or I would introduce her to another big star just made me smile even more, for me studio is a place to unwind, relax and yes make some contacts to further my career, to someone like Susanna she is like a kid in a candy store, I guess I let that go to my head and with all the stress of the past week I kind of lost myself up in the balcony, maybe it was the alcohol or some of the other drugs I imbibed that night, but I will say I did have fun with more than one or two guys and women, I may be wrong but I think there was white court or two but I don’t feel any different so either they didn’t feed or they didn’t take all that much. I do know I did lose a few hours up there, (ok I won’t kid myself I needed it badly, and sex with no strings well is fun and enjoyable, I probably shouldn’t say this but I need to start doing that more often, It is something I used to do but stopped).

I did meet back up with Susanna and Liam later on, down in the dance floor; it was a seriously fun evening had by everyone, though we didn’t leave together. I left earlier with my arms around both Jason Statham, and Charisma Carpenter two friends of mine, we kind of left through the side door as to not attract too much attention; we were all a tad drunk and probably a bit stoned as well. The three of us went back to Stathams’ hotel, and waking up the next morning in a tangle of bodies.

After Charisma left us, Statham said he was having lunch with a few director friends of his, and was wondering if I’d like to join them, so I personally had my fan girl moment and got to meet and have lunch with a few legends, Stephen Spielberg and Sylvester Stallone and Christopher Nolen. If I am to be completely honest I love being a model but being an actress is my ultimate goal, career wise that is, as a halfblood now, I probably wouldn’t turn down god hood if it was offered.

That evening I had dinner with my two sisters, getting to know them even more, they are Jessica Devlin and her identical twin sister Colonel Amanda Lattimer, we finally officially met when we had dinner while I was still working on the whole Calliope quest, and that dinner turned into less of a family dinner and more of an information gathering and learning about my family and our history, apparently the Spiridakos family goes beyond just the Greek’s we also have Roman Roots as well as my two older sisters are daughters of Minerva, and that my Paternal Grandmother (I always knew of her as wealthy and eccentric) was a true Amazon and that she was also the wife and inspiration for the comic book character Wonder Woman. Well she had passed away a few months back our father hadn’t told any of us, and that apparently she had bequeathed me a pair of beautiful gold bracers with a ruby star in the center of them, I will say they are beautiful. And that apparently Minerva herself told Jessica that I needed them. (Well to tell the truth they have come in very useful, as they have the ability to deflect bullets, I wonder if it will work against other directed ranged attacks), I also promised to keep them close and wear them at all times.

I did eventually contact my agency and set up a press conference to officially introduce the bracers, the press conference went off very well and ended with a question and answer section.

The last thing I did was make my official report to Chiron about the events dealing with Calliope and the Tablet, even including who has it, they were decidedly un-happy. Mr. D well he was grouchy as ever (he never is otherwise). But Chiron took it in stride (not sure if anything fazes him).

You know, two things about the whole Calliope quest still trouble me, what really happened, and how in hades did Rosie get all the other angels to be willing to break their contracts with Vicky’s just to get Kate Upton fired, something feels wrong about that whole situation.

The second thing is why Zeus himself would go talk to Mab that is very confusing and freighting at the same time. I guess I should contact Nathan, another ex-boyfriend of mine, see what he found out, hopefully what I did for him was worth it. He is a low life, but of anyone I know he is the best at ferreting out information, well I guess I should add to this the other day I finally got in touch with Nathan and well he couldn’t find anything, I figure you are probably wondering what I was alluding to earlier, well he had me do some acts that while enjoyable not ones I would normally do, ok maybe I should amend that they were enjoyable, would have been more if it was not with a hooker (and not a high priced one at that). But as I said Nathan is a bit of a lowlife, and I would never admit what I just said to him.

Another great thing was that I did get to have dinner with both Adrianna and Alessandria (yes they are fellow angels, and two of my best friends), due to our schedules and my extra circulars we haven’t had much time to just sit and talk, both of them expressed interest in meeting Susanna, and I wanted Susanna to get to meet them both, so we met up and had a great time. (Both Alessandria Ambrosio and Adrianna Lima loved Susanna, from the way Susanna was gushing on the way home after dinner she loved it (I also hope we helped Susanna realize she is a lot more beautiful then she thinks she is.) Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to ask either of them about the whole Rosie/Upton deal, the subject itself never really came up. The Conversation really did revolve around our long term friendship, future plans to get together as well as Susanna, (still haven’t gotten a great read on how Susanna felt about being the center of attention for a while during dinner.)

Well I guess that wraps up this edition of Andromeda’s Rambling accounts of her life. Until next time.

Andromedas Journal Episode 4

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