Andromedas Journal Episode Three


Andromeda’s Journals


Taken from the journal of Andromeda Spiridakos and translated from Ancient Greek

Andromeda’s journal Entry 3 (Translated from Ancient Greek)

Journal Entry 3, this entry starts after we dealt with Lazarus Jacobs.

We had two weeks of downtime between dealing with Lazarus and the next major catastrophe, and boy was this one a dozy real end of the world type stuff, Ghosts, Goblins and Zombie plagues.

Well I probably should start with the two weeks before, my Agent contacted me letting me know that I lost the job with Pitbull due to having to deal with Lazarus, and that the job went to Rosie Huntington-Whitley, “not someone I personally enjoy being around though but that is not really important at this time, other then to say the minute we get into each others orbits it never ends well.”, but truth be told it was actually a blessing in disguise, where as I lost the Pitbull job I got one that was much better I got to work with Jay Z, and this time I wouldn’t have had to leave the city for. beyond that I got to spend a lot of time with the Love of my Life Siobhan who by the way had moved in with me, now that is an interesting experience as I am a fairly tech savvy girl and I do enjoy technology but with Siobhan around I have to relegate all that to when Siobhan isn’t home or I have to keep myself locked away in my second room where I keep most of my technology. it has made things a bit more difficult but to be completely honest I wouldn’t want it any other way, I love Siobhan to distraction I can say I haven’t felt this way for anyone ins a long time. She is a very strong woman; she also gets extremely jealous at times. I initially didn’t tell her that Danny Williams a cop from Hawaii that I had a fling with while out there was in the area and called me wanting to re-connect, yes I did eventually call him and yes I did tell Siobhan but I let him down Gently telling him I was with someone, Siobhan was in the room when I did this, and made no secret about it. I will get back into my private life in a bit, but right now I want to get back to the story at hand.

One day I was home, I was spending a bit of time on one of my computers when I got a call from one Mr. Finch, he apparently was calling in the favor from the incident with the heavily modified computer, and needed me to help him protect someone that both him and Mr. Reese feel they are ill-equipped to handle being the fact the subject is of a supernatural bent and that they know I am a lot more versed in that area, “not sure how they new, but they somehow new” he never even waited for me to say yes or no, he just assumed I would do it.. Which he was correct by the way, “I still have nightmares about what happened.” well along with the information they also sent me two tickets to the Gala for the person they wanted me to protect the person in question was one Dr. Patricia Fairlane a noted Egyptologist, who from the info I was sent was also a Wizard as well as a member of the Watchers Council “more on them later”. I was already going to the Gala anyway with Siobhan who if I didn’t say before is Dr. Fairlanes assistant and Apprentice, so I quickly called Cameron to give her the tickets, and a little backup incase things went wrong, I got from Mr. Finch, as well we a promise that Siobhan and I would help her get a dress for the event. "On a personal note Cameron’s tastes in dresses and Mine and Siobhan’s are completely different, I still have my work cut out for me, but due to time constraints we decided NOT to push the issue “This Time”." well after inviting Cameron I kind of had to handle Siobhan’s Jealousy but that is not something I will go into here, other then to say.. It was pleasurable for both of us.

The Evening of the Gala which was, at 8pm on the 29th of March at the Natural History Museum started as expected, a lot of press, as we all arrived the press where at the entrance trying to get pictures and basically doing there job, one specific reporter one Sue Simmons, took me and Siobhan aside, It started off about how I expected and I shoed Siobhan off as my girlfriend, which made Siobhan’s day, so its out there that I am a Lesbian, when in actuality I am Bisexual, but I am in a long term Lesbian relationship, the Interview started well but quickly turned, apparently Jane’s people weren’t perfect in there removal, there apparently was some footage online showing me in full Greek armor and being involved in the whole incident on 57th street with Lazarus, something I flatly denied and was able to steer the interview back to Siobhan, pulling her closer to me as emphasis. Afterwards I did notice that everyone else from those I had worked with earlier where also there, a few I was expecting, Cameron, Charles… the rest it was odd, and a bit eerie probably closer to creepy to tell the truth. I will not bore you with the details of the dinner etc… Other then when I scanned the room I did get an odd sensation when I looked at seriously hot actor Chris Hemmsworth, cant really describe it other then as a sensation of that he has the last remnants of some deity, no idea which one. The night didn’t stay calm and nice it ended with I believe at last count 15 dead norms, and a bunch of dead Zombies and Demon, a Demon that wanted us to give him Dr. Fairlane, Later on we found out that both Mummies where stolen as well. We found a teenage girl unconscious in a melted Freight Elevator and some dust surrounding her, which we figured where Zombies.

The next morning we met up again to talk about the events of the night before, and contacted Patricia to see if she could shed some light on the events of the night before, she did a little but we had to persuade her to give us the rest of the information she did not want to, which I will boil down here.. she was accosted in Egypt by the same Teenager we found at the Museum with the Son of Aries one Sisko, “I can say sons of Aries can be seriously thick and boorish at times, especially Sisko, and I still wonder why he still has his job” well they told her to stay away from these mummies. A warning Dr. Fairlane ignored. I poked and prodded until she gave us information on the watchers, “Siobhan was NOT happy with me, and that evening I had to sleep on my couch, still getting used to living with someone, and thinking of it as ours not just mine”. Dr. Fairlane, who apparently has a history with Charles, made a call and set up a meeting between us and the Watchers Council, this is when I get personal.

Jane, Terri, and I went into the sewers, I had to destroy a very expensive set of clothing and shoes due to this trek. Well the long and short of it we met with the leader of those that live down there who was a Lenape shaman who basically told us the black court where roaming around, stealing his people, and scaring off others who live down there.

That Evening we went to talk with the Watchers Councils representative, we went to meet him outside of New Yankee Stadium, well the Rep gave me a serious shock, apparently my Father is a member of the Watchers Council and is Jane’s New Watcher, he told us about Jane’s old Watcher. Most of the information he gave was not completely important at least not to me, apparently it was very important to Jane. I was barely paying attention to it since I was still trying to get used to the fact that my dad was not completely who he seemed to be, and that as much as I love California he did not. What little I was paying attention to was that my dad’s previous Girlfriend one that he had been dating for the past three years and I was expecting he was going to propose was one Anita Hendrickson who was killed by a bloodline curse, as part of a plan to release the Hendrickson Scourge. at that meeting he also requested that he get to meet Siobhan which I agreed I would set up, also that mommy Dearest (Aphrodite had also expressed an interest in this) the interview ended with my father being picked up in a limo by a woman who I found out later in a phone call with my father was one Jessica Devlin, who is apparently my older sister and scarily enough a daughter of Minerva … Athena’s Roman name (after the Thieves of Rome stole and screwed around with to there liking), this completely threw me for a loop, I am still trying to get used to this idea, I also found out that apparently Jane and the organization she works for (more on them later, just to say its NOT the FBI) knows about the Camp and they also know about an opposite camp of the Romans.. Well back to the conversation with my father, we talked a bit more about my life, his life and my long lost sister someone I might not ever be able to get to know and he said I should talk with the Centaur. “Mental Note to self I really need to talk to Chiron when I get the chance”, sorry, I am digressing about stuff that happened later on.

After the interview with my father ended, and we were about to leave New Yankee Stadium, whenSaundra Smythe called Terry wanting to set up a meeting for the next day, which caused some of the group to start arguing in a public place no less, about not wanting to deal with the Red Court, hell any court for that matter, the one leading the charge was Charles “he seems to have a serious broomstick shoved up his arise these days, not sure what is happening with him though” well we eventually decided to say yes to the meeting with Saundra. The meeting was very fruitful. It gave us our first clear lead, one that would make our lives a lot easier. The information was about the Demon summoner one Clifford Clemente. But I get ahead of myself we didn’t get that information until the next day.

The evening, after my meeting with my father I got home and found Siobhan sitting on the couch in a seriously sexy outfit, not that it takes much for her to look sexy, since she does wearing anything or nothing. It took all my will not to take her right then and there, that did come later, I decided it was time for us to have a serious heart to heart talk, this is where both Siobhan and I professed our undying love for each other, and where Siobhan told me she wants to spend the rest of her life with me, I know she will outlive me, and she was willing to give up everything her magic.. All of it just to be with me. “I am not sure if I am willing to let her do that, I am not sure if I could live with the knowledge of what she gave up for me, don’t get me wrong I am flattered and makes me feel great, but I am not sure”, she went into a lot of detail about her life before me, her sexual escapades with three or more girls at a time, that she is giving it all up to be with me, that Siobhan wants it all the white picket fence, children, dogs… and that she was adaptable, that Siobhan is willing to do pretty much anything to be with me. I was honest with her, I love her to death, I love her with every fiber, but I was honest that my career means a lot to me, and that if I can I want both her and my career. That led me into asking her if she could tone things down a bit in public, Siobhan is a very proud and sexy woman, she is also very proud of whom she is and that she is with me and wants everyone to know about it, trust me it makes me feel good she feels this way. She seemed to understand what I was asking her, and told me she will try, and well the night ended the way we both wanted it to, I guess you can say I didn’t get much in the way of sleep that night and neither did she.

Things progressed apace; we went to talk to the Demon Summoner, who we found in a bubble asking for demonic protection. but in the end took the cowards way out and made a deal with Terri’s mother, a seriously powerful Winter Fey, with apparently NO restrictions, he must have seriously been scared of the Necromancer, who I will be referring to as David Akon, not to be confused with the David I am working with, who is not supernatural in any way. well before the Demon Summoner left with Terri’s Mother and points unknown, I shudder to think about what he is doing now, since he accepted a deal without even negotiating, he gave us Akons Journal, not sure how Clemente managed to get the Journal, but one does not question when Tyche is on your side.

This Journal was the holy grail of information it laid out in detail all the spells, rituals and an interesting look into the mind of a madman. It was the final piece we needed to seal not just the fate of Akon but also the way for us to lock the Black Court away again. This was not the end of it, not by a long shot. we took our conversation back to the flame, and decided to disseminate the Journal with some redactions, namely the spells and the information on the Agency “that is actually who Jane works for, a Government agency that is tasked with dealing with the supernatural, and I am sure employs its fare share of the supernatural.” to our various people, I brought mine to the empire state building where to my shock the Hermes himself rode the elevator down to pick it up. I was definitely NOT expecting one of the gods to personally pick it up.

The group again met back up at the flame to continue our discussion about how to proceeded and what to do with the information, and Charles brought up the idea that we need to make sure No one else gets the spells, as if we didn’t hear and understand him the first time… as much as I like him, he really is starting to get anoying that way. well, the evening didn’t go smoothly, it started with four men in grey cloaks casing the Shop, magical Gems that forced you to stay inside the Flame, and the worst part getting attacked by more Zombies, “I seriously HATE zombies, they are ugly, smelly… and disgusting, they have no personality” well, we did defeat them not without the V.S. loosing control of his spell “I assume that’s what happened”, destroying multiple vehicles, including my Classic Porsche “the first thing I bought myself when I got my job”. it was not quiet by any stretch of the imagination, we had to deal with both the Media and the cops, I contacted Siobhan to let her know I was ok, and accepted her offer of a ride home, it also made me realize my new care was going to be even older then my Porsche was, and happily Siobhan new somewhere I could get it, “gods I love that woman”.

Making a long story short, we where able to get a few allies, Saundra Smythe decided to join us, partially because Akon turned her dead daughter Olivia into a specter which seriously ticked her off. We also got the help of the teenager Susana Hoffman who was apparently some sort of caster, she is apparently a follower of the Egyptians, and can summon the Phoenix.

So at 9pm on the 4th of April we took out Akon, using the Scourge to soften him up before locking them back up. I was able to talk Olivia down who was attacking V.S. possibly saving his life, “not that I think he will be appreciative though”, well after we dealt with Akon, his Zombies fell apart and Olivia disappeared “I can only hope she can finally get the rest she has earned, I can feel for Saundra, who I hope can eventually get the closure she deserves as well”. After Akons death the only one we needed to deal with the Elf Alleria Windrunner, who knowing it was not her fault, Akon mind screwed her royally, that one ended with her being unconscious, that pretty much ended the fight, but there is still more to this, and the final hand has not been dealt yet.

In conclusion,

Charles and I took Alleria Wind runner to one Dr. Donald Blake a Son of Hermes and a Psycho Therapist, in hopes he can help her “A healing I want to be part of”.

Akon is no longer a threat, but his books where not recovered by us, but by someone else that Charles figures was the Master, but Akons full Journal has been Distorted.

My current opinions on the Group at large,

Terri: she is getting even more Insane as time goes on, her first thoughts on any situation is to blow it up, not sure if she is joking, but it does not seem that way: we really need to watch her, she seems to be the most volatile of us…

David: I still don’t think he has fully grasped the whole situation he has been thrust into, the Elf he is with Serena her name is seems to be keeping him grounded, she seems to be good for him, I am worried about the effects of his expose with his Fairy God Mother Ariel and his connection to a large and fairly beautiful Gem named the Pink Panther is going to effect him in the future.

Jane: She has a lot of potential, I have seen her dress up nicely, just need her to realize even when working she can still look sexy, and that dressing sexy for work and dressing sexy for play can be two different things, but on the field, there are very few id want watching my back.

Charles: well, he started out fairly even keeled but as time goes on it feels like he is getting a lot more like a stick in the mud, set in his ways inflexible, he really needs to lighten up, especially when we deal with any of the Courts of Vampires, and now that he has been promoted to what I believe is called being a Warden, what little I have been told they are the field Judges and executioners of the White Council. He could go either way. I just hope we don’t loose possible allies or even information to his inflexibility.

V.S.: he is still pretty much a coward, but he does know his stuff, I do worry about his control, he is the reason I need to replace my car. And for some reason he still won’t forgive me for the accident years ago, “not like I did it on purpose”, maybe his relationship with Cameron will help him and his confidence.

Cameron: Honestly I think of Cameron as a little sister, I worry about her relationship with Terri though, I know it is inevitable due to the fact how close they live, but with how Volatile Terri is, I wonder if Cameron is not going to learn the wrong way. Like Jane I really need to help her out with fashion, because she has a great looking body, and like Jane needs to show it off more. The Dress she wore for the Gala was a bit too conservative for my tastes, but I guess that is something I can work on, it is not always a quick process; it can take time for people to realize how beautiful they are.

a few personal notes, part of our investigation into Akon lead us to Cleopatra’s needle, it is an obelisk with Egyptian Hieroglyphics in central park, well we found a few interesting things about it, one it is linked to both Rome and Egypt, and apparently I have a link between me and the Roman side of the Obelisk. maybe that is because of my Sister maybe it isn’t, but I can say it worried me so much, that I couldn’t deal with a pack of drunk college guys… another thing I need to talk to Chiron about, but unfortunately that will have to wait till Siobhan and I get back to the City from Milan, Italy…

Well all, I think that is about all… as the Pilot has asked us all to shut our computers down because we are about to land. I seriously can’t wait till I get to Milan, a chance to relax a bit and spend some quality time with Siobhan and be able to be a normal Angel for some time. Letting the stresses of what I am disappear.

Andromedas Journal Episode Three

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