High Concept: Dryad Loyal To Summer

Aspen is a Dryad, living in Central Park, near the Vanderbilt Botanical Garden. She has existed in the grove of trees in the park since before the Dutch arrived, and has seen the City grow up around her. She is fascinated by the modern world, and collects anything she can get her hands on of modern technology. Her ‘home’ is full of acquired phones, radios, watches, etc.

She is quite familiar with the attitudes of the people who live in the city around her, and therefore, unlike other dryads, traditionally appears to those she reveals herself to (usually young men), wearing revealing feminine lingerie, rather than the
traditional nude of other dryads. Most of her kind think her strange for this, but she sees it only as common courtesy. Besides, she is obsessed with female lingerie, and how it affects men, and thinks wearing it makes her more attractive. She collects it like she collects technological toys, and various feminine articles can be found strew about her “home”.


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