Bauer Investigations



Face: Jack Bauer
Former CTU Agent, Jack Bauer, founded Bauer Investigations shortly after leaving CTU and moving to NYC. He has friends and contacts throughout the City and is known to get results, though sometimes through questionable means
Themes & Threats
Theme: Investigation Service Run by Jack Bauer

Aspect: Another Day Another Crisis

Aspect: Dammit! That’s Not Good Enough!

Upon leaving the Counter Terrorist Unit and moving to New York City, Jack Bauer founded Bauer Investigations, working out of a small office in Queens. Several months later he was joined by several other ex-CTU agents and finally by his soon to be wife, ex-FBI Agent Renee Walker. While most of BI’s cases have involved counter terrorism, body-guarding, and Security, there have also been several cases they have performed that involved things of a supernatural bent, and it is rumored that BI has connections to The Agency.

Bauer Investigations

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