Bobst Library



Face: Joakim Erdfelt
Administrator of the facility since 2005, he is a minor magical talent, aspiring to full Wizard status. His tie to the Library is unusually strong. Within its walls he has the power of “The Sight” with astounding keenness. His meager spellcasting is far surpassed by his impressive knowledge of magical Lore. Again, tied to the location, and diminishes significantly the moment he steps out the door.
Themes & Threats
Theme: University Library

Aspect: Hexproof

Aspect: Students & Staff Only


The Elmer Holmes Bobst Library, built between 1967 and 1972, is the largest library at NYU and one of the largest academic libraries in the United States. The 12-story, 425,000-square-foot structure sits on the southern edge of Washington Square Park and is the flagship of an eight-library, 4.5 million-volume system. Bobst Library offers one Multidisciplinary Reference Center, a Research Commons, 28 miles of open-stacks shelving, and approximately 2,000 seats for student study. The library is visited by more than 6,800 users each day, and circulates more than one million books annually.

Bobst’s Avery Fisher Center for Music and Media is one of the world’s largest academic media centers, where students and researchers use more than 95,000 audio and video recordings per year. The Digital Studio offers a constantly evolving, leading-edge resource for faculty and student projects and promotes and supports access to digital resources for teaching, learning, research and arts events.

Despite being a state of the art world class repository of knowledge, the Bobst Library has another unusual distinction. For whatever reason, the presence of a Wizard, or other magic wielder, seems to have no ill effect on high technology devices within (or brought within) the library. Computers do not fizzle, cell phones operate normally, etc. The normal (including deliberate) hexing effect does not seem to apply here, though normal spellcasting remains unimpeded. This strange phenomena was discovered by Dr. Charles Fischer (professor of classical history and 200 year old wizard) in late 2001 and remains a profound mystery. His detailed report to the White Council has not been archived here for public perusal.

Bobst Library

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