Brooklyn Battery Tunnel Authority



Face: Alexandra Ivanova
Alexandra Ivanova is the daughter of an Immortal and a half-demon. She is one of a kind, as Immortals traditionally cannot breed. Former apprentice of Warden Donald Morgan (and a former Warden herself), Alex now is the Assistant to the Director of The Agency and is also fiercely loyal to Ms. Moskavina and The Agency. She is also sought by The White Council as a Traitor, having been accused (falsely) of participating in the murder of a Senior Council Member (allegedly) performed by Warden Morgan
Themes & Threats
Theme: Non-Descript HQ of The Agency

Aspect: Here Come The Men In Black

Aspect: Knows More than Lets On

On the surface, the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel Authority is just what it’s name implies, a sub-department of the MTA, responsible for the bridges and tunnels in NYC.

Scratch beneath the surface, and you find the ultra secret headquarters of The Agency, the US Government’s department responsible for monitoring and dealing with supernatural threats and entities on Earth.

Originally, The Agency was headquartered in Washington, D.C, but was relocated to it’s current location by then Director Napoleon Solo. The vast amounts of scientific and magical resources and research were moved through the Nevernever, in secret, to the current location, which was originally the Headquarters of the US Army’s failed Initiative Project (which was also designed to deal with supernatural threats).

The Agency is currently headed by Ariadne Moskavina, who is in fact a Creature of Shadow, specifically a Draenei. She was hand-picked by Director Solo for her skills and loyalty to the United States. Director Moskavina is assisted by the ‘Rogue Warden’ herself, Alexandra Ivanova. The Agency has gone to great lenghts to preven the White Council from discovering it’s existence, much less the location of Ivanova.

The Agency is well equipped and trained, as are their facilities in their Headquarters. Worldwide communications are maintained, the high technology devices shielded from magical interference somehow, from this centralized hub. Arsenals of weapons, both mundane and magical, barracks, training rooms, libraries, and more fill the levels of The Agency’s HQ. Wards of immense power and subtlety protect the building, along with more technological and mundane sensors and defenses (all seemingly hardened against magical interference)

Brooklyn Battery Tunnel Authority

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