Camerons Audio Recording


Rules and Errata
Cameron’s Audio Recording

(Female Computer Voice) “Line secured and Scrambled”

(Male Voice)“This is Manning. Speak.”

(Second Male Voice) “Curtis. I have good news for you.”

“Go ahead.”

“I have secured The Ring. It is of no use to me, of course, being a Man of Science.”

“That is good, Nikolai. And I have secured your payment. $2 billion will be transferred to your account as agreed.”
“Good. Very Good. Then I shall make sure that the item is delivered to you, as agreed.”

“Yes. As Agreed. Ms. Washburn is to deliver it to me at the agreed upon time and then, and only then, will I transfer the funds”

“Good. And what of the other… item?”

“The Tablet requested by Niranjana will be acquired as agreed.”

“Very good. She hates to be crossed, and seeing how I owe Adrika my organizations freedom, I would hate to disappoint her. She wanted me to tell you she requires the Tablet no later than a week from today.”

“Assure The Master, she will have the item she seeks.”

“A pleasure doing business with you, Curtis”

“And you as well, Nikolai”