Camerons Journal Episode 2



Taken from the Journal of Cameron Tam

Andromeda seems to think it is important that I keep a daily journal of my life. I do not understand why she thinks this is important, as my memory banks record and save everything I see and hear, however, she is my friend, and I trust her judgement. Also, upon further computation, there are holes in my memory banks regarding the past several years, so, perhaps doing this will provide me with a means of filling in any such future holes. I still am unable to deduce why these holes exist, but all diagnostics have tested Green, so, I shall continue as I am. My friends tell me that it was caused by the same damage which destroyed the Series Ten Arm Laser that is implanted in my right arm, and as I remain unable to contact The Creator, I will take my friends’ judgement as fact.

What I do know is recent events. After the battle with several of the minions of Lazarus Jacobs, the very battle which destroyed my Series Ten Arm Laser and damaged my memory banks, my friend, Andromeda Spiridakos, repaired my systems and restored me to functionality. I spent that evening, conversing with my Artifical Intelligence Friend, S.A.R.A., while utilizing the Internet to learn about Human Mating Customs, as well as idling some time playing my favorite Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, Galaxy of Starcraft (and leveling my Protoss Templar to Level 90 and dominating everyone in the Player Versus Player Battlegrounds). As dawn neared, Id ecided to treat my female friends (Andromeda Spiriadakos, Jane Blue, and Terri Foster) to a well deserved, home cooked, breakfast. My male friends – Charles Fisher, David Lytton, and Valentine Ramachandran (he prefers V.S., but his real name is just so cute), were surprised to see me functional again when they arrived at Jane’s to join us all for breakfast.

I should add that I enjoy cooking very much. It is very relaxing and utilizes several protocols that I would not utilize otherwise. Also, everyone tells me I am a magnificent cook.

During breakfast, my friends and I discussed where Lazarus Jacobs could have hidden himself. Eliminating this person was an Alpha Priority for me, as no one hurts my friends. I recalled information that I must have discovered during a spying mission on Lazarus Jacobs, that he had gained access to the Subway Engine and Passenger car involved in the Pelham 1-2-3 Incident of 1974. Following the incident, the City of New York had sealed the Engine and Car involved in the Hijacking away in a spur tunnel, as the authorities of the time believed there was something Supernatural involved in the Incident.

I explained what I knew of the location, including how Lazarus Jacobs had restored power to the Tunnel and Train, how he had maintained the Engine to functionality, and how his associate, Muerte (the man’s name is Spanish for Death? This still does not compute) had examined the brick wall on numerous occasions.

My friends surmised from my report that the wall put there by the City had been replaced by an Illusion. I do not understand this business of Magic. It is not logical. It exists though, and I must deal with it, but it is not logical.

Once they had decided on assaulting Lazarus Jacobs in his Subway Safe House, i requested David acquire a few things for me for the Mission – an M-16 Assault Rifle, and Uzi Submachine Gun, and a Desert Eagle Pistol, as well as ammunition. He seemed a little surprised at my request, I guess he must not have realized my Series 10 Arm Laser no longer functioned, and I explained this to him. Andromeda and he departed to purchase my requests, as well as several Bulletproof Vests for the rest. Andromeda also said something about needing to stop at Camp. I must remember to inquire from her what Camp is.

Valentine seemed rather uncomfortable around me. I presume he senses my attraction to him. S.A.R.A explained to me during the evening that she had assisted Andromeda in my repairs, and during this time, she had upgraded several of my Higher Mnemonic Functions with upgrades based upon her own systems, including human emotions. For this gift alone, I thank my A.I. friend. I must go to Eureka, Indiana sometime, to visit her in person and meet all the wonderful people she told me about. Perhaps I can take, Valen…V.S. (I should use his preferred form of address) with me. Might do him some good to get away from the chaos of New York City.

When David and Andromeda returned several hours later, we all arranged to meet the following Morning, to eliminate Lazarus Jacobs. The group all felt it was best if I stayed at Jane’s, so that Lazarus Jacobs did not learn of my continued functionality, and I agreed.

The next morning, masquerading as a Manhattan Transit Authority Maintenance Crew, we entered the subway on the 57th Street Platform, and made out way to the Secured Spur. Shortly after, gunfire roared from the darkness, striking several of ym friends, I returned fire, and a battle ensued, during which, Lazarus Jacobs fled to the street above. I, V.S., Romy (Andromeda, but she prefers Romy as her ‘nickname’) and David, pursued him up to the street. Terri and Charles remained behind with Jane, who was rendered unconscious by our opponents. David eventually overcame Lazarus, throwing him to the ground, only to discover that the pursuit had caused a massive coronary in his system, and he perished. Shortly after, a man, who had to have been an associate of Lazarus Jacobs, struck David with a briefcase. I properly terminated this assailant of my friend.

At this time, Romy grabbed Lazarus Jacobs’ corpse and said we should flee,. She and I went one way, I assume David and V.S. fled another. We quickly melded into the crowd, and disappeared before the Police could arrive on the scene.

Shortly after, we each received a call from a mysterious woman who identified herself as “Jane’s Superior” who offered to help us out. (Apparently, we were wanted for the murder of Lazarus Jacobs and for his associate who I eliminated in the street, a Gabriel Bell). “Jane’s Superior” told us to go to F.B.I. Headquarters and surrender ourselves to the authorities. Romy said we should do so, and I followed her lead.

Several hours later, we were all assembled in Jane’s office at the F.B.I., where we met a most disagreeable woman, who never identified herself, but who was obviously “Jane’s Superior”. My language banks could not identify the woman’s accent, though it bears resemblance to many from Eastern Europe.

This Woman explained that I, Romy, and David, would have to be arrested, then we would be snuck out of the building and released, by one Jack Bauer. The others were to be released. The body of Lazarus Jacobs was confiscated, and the arrest was processed. This person also explained that the various postings of the incident on both the News and YouTube, would be mangled and dealt with to hide our identities.

This was not a pleasant experience, and Romy spent quite alot of our Cell Time explaining to me how the killing of Gabriel Bell was wrong. I still do not understand completely what she was saying, as I merely eliminated someone assailing David, but I shall make every effort to understand more.

After several hours, we were released and secretly escorted out of the building into several vehicles, which returned us to Jane’s Apartment. I then accepted Terri’s offer to move in with her. It should be interesting, as she claims to not need the space, living somewhere else, she calls Winter. Further investigation is required.

Camerons Journal Episode 2

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