Connor Macleod



Connor Macleod
High Concept: Immortal Shopkeeper who had a minor Quickening

Connor MacLeod was born in 1518 in Glenfinnan, Scotland near the shores of Loch Shiel. During a battle between the Clan MacLeod and the Clan Fraser in 1536, he faced an evil Immortal referred to as The Kurgan, and was dealt what should have been a fatal blow. When Connor did not die, the townspeople (including his family) believed his recovery was the work of witchcraft, and threatened to burn him at the stake. Connor’s kinsman, and clan chieftain, Angus MacLeod, instead demanded that he only be banished. Connor wandered around the land until he met Heather MacDonald, the daughter of a blacksmith. The two fell in love, and married in 1539.
In 1541, he met an Immortal named Juan Sánchez Villa-Lobos Ramírez, who became Connor’s mentor and taught him the ways of Immortals, and of “The Game.”

Ramírez taught Connor the overriding rule of the Immortals: There can be only one. Connor, Ramírez, and others like them were destined to fight each other until only one was left. By beheading another Immortal, the winner would gain the fallen Immortal’s strength, and the last alive would have the power of every Immortal that ever existed, a mysterious power beyond comprehension known as “The Prize.” One night, the Kurgan, while Connor was absent, found his home, killed Ramírez, and raped Heather. Decades passed, and Heather finally died of old age. It was at this point that Connor left Scotland to explore the world. Connor MacLeod led many different lives under a variety of aliases, constantly keeping his immortality a secret, and eventually confronting The Jurgan, and defeating him. Since 1999, MacLeod has found himself living in New York in the guise of Connor Macleod, an antiques dealer. Since arriving in NYC, he has made alliances and friendships with Balthazar and Veronika Blake, as well as White Council Warden Violet Marten

Connor Macleod

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