Dennis Harrel



Dennis Harrel
High Concept: Director of The Shop

Denny Harrel was originally born, along with his twin sister, Jennifer, to Robert and Caroline Vanderbilt. A child of privilege, he never let his roots or family prevent him from hard work. Ambitious from a young age, he was accepted into the Air Force Academy as soon as he graduated High School. Upon turning 18, he legally changed his last name to Harrel, not wanting to be given anything due to his family connections.

In the Academy, Denny excelled at all his classes, as well as showing potential for being an excellent pilot. Soon after graduating, Lt. Harrel was given his choice of positions, and while many believed he would
become a Fighter Pilot, he passed the opportunity up, and instead took command of a Refueling Plane in the 92nd Air Refueling Wing, eventually rising through the ranks to Colonel and commander of the 92nd Air Refueling Wing.

His capacity for Command and quick thinking were eventually recognized by the CIA, who recruited him from the Air Force to head up their new R&D Branch, code named, The Shop. Recently, Harrel was removed as Head of The Shop, and is currently on the run, his whereabouts suspected to be somewhere in South America. He is wanted for misusing of Government Funds and Assets.

Dennis Harrel

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