Faerie Courts



Aspen is a Dryad, sworn to Summer, living in Central Park, near the Vanderbilt Botanical Garden.
Location: Central Park
Lady Ariel of Summer
Lady Ariel is the handmaiden of Queen Titania of the Summer Court, and perhaps the most powerful sorceress in Summer, second only to Titania herself. She is fond of music and dancing and her parties are legendary. She is also quite fond of hunting cats, panthers in particular. She easily takes offense at any jokes relating her name to mermaids.
Affiliation: Summer Court
Aurora, Former Lady of Summer
Former Summer Lady. Formerly Serving Illidan Stormrage. Now working as the new Hand of Summer
Affiliation: Summer Court

The Leanansidhe
The Leanansidhe is handmaiden to Queen Mab, within the Winter Court. Her power as a sorceress is vast, second only to Mab herself. She has been known to inspire artists and writers throughout the ages, in exchange for their love and devotion. She also is quite fond of hounds.
Affiliation: Winter Court
Drucillia is one of the “Little Folk” of the realm of Faerie. She stands about 12 inches tall, and wears green, ‘techno’-style armor"
Affiliation: Winter Court
Ellistrae, Hand of The Queen
Fae troubleshooter answering only to The Winter Queen, Mab. Slain while under the control of Alice Anguis, but returned to life by Queen Mab.
Affiliation: Winter Court

Lyla, The Lady of Spring
The Spring Lady, last remnant of the Fae Spring Court
Wildfae Dewdrop Faerie in service to Lady
Affiliation: Lady Lyla

Annona, The Lady of Autumn

The Autumn Lady, last remnant of the Fae Autumn Court

Location: Little Italy

Faerie Courts

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