Gateway Center



Face: Rosaline Ichinose
Gateway Center is run by Rosaline Ichinose, a Japanese-American, and a high ranking member of the Nakamura clan, the Yakuza family present in New York. The once powerful Nakamura’s have been reduced through conflicts to operating as assasins for hire, falling back on their ancient ninja roots. As a ninja, a long standing vendetta exists between Rosaline and James Hoshino.
Themes & Threats
Theme: Where Everybody Goes To Shop

Aspect: From The Shadows We Strike

Aspect: Our Prices are INSANE

Located on 18 acres of land in the shadow of Yankee Stadium, the Bronx Terminal Market has approximately 1 million new square feet of retail space, featuring well-known, brand-name national retailers. The site also includes space for smaller, neighborhood-oriented establishments, street-level restaurants and on-site parking for 2800 cars.

A 2-acre public park on the Harlem River waterfront reclaims open space for the public’s enjoyment. The park connects to adjacent waterfront recreational facilities and will connect to additional open space to be developed as part of the Yankee Stadium plan.

The Bronx Terminal Market stimulates the local economy by giving residents options to shop locally for goods and services, rather than shopping outside of the City. Moreover, it has generated a substantial number of new jobs which help to alleviate the significant poverty rate and high unemployment in the area.

Gateway Center

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