House Rules



The Following House Rules Apply to a Shadows Over New York Campaign:
Bonus ‘Refresh’ from Background and Journals – Upon the conclusion of Character Creation, any player who provides a background for their character, beyond the simple 4-5 sentence synopsis for each phase of Character Creations, will receive a bonus refresh point, good ONLY for Fate Points at the time of refresh each session. This Bonus “Refresh” will apply until the first Significant Milestone in the Campaign (Which SHOULD coincide with the conclusion of Episode One). To keep this Bonus “Refresh” a player must then provide an in character account of the events occurring up to the Significant Milestone (Journal Entry, Official Report, First Person Replay, etc.). This Bonus “Refresh” is then Maintained until the next Significant Milestone, upon which a new In character Account will be required.

Bonus ‘Refresh’ from Location Creation – This bonus is a one time option and only applies after Character Creation and before the campaign begins. Any player who creates a location and Face, relevant to their character, will receive a permanent bonus ‘refresh’, usable only for Fate Points, for the entire campaign. I reiterate, the location MUST be relevant to the character, and must include a face, as well as where it is located. Pictures for the button, description page, and face, would also be appreciated, but are not necessary (though not providing them leaves it up to the GM)

Initiative – Rather than a static initiative based on your relevant skill (Alertness for Physical Combat), Initiative will be a check of the relevant skill, modified accordingly by any appropriate abilities and aspects. For example, physical Initiative will be an Alertness check, modified by any Speed based abilities you have and any aspects you tap (+4 for Inhuman Speed, +6 for Supernatural Speed, and +8 for Mythic).

House Rules

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