Janices journal season 3 episode-4



Sheila Howe regained consciousness slowly. She felt weak and her joints ached. The last tie she’d felt like this was when she’d been sick with the flu as a child. Of course now she was a full, white court, vampire and never got sick.

Forcing her eyes to open Sheila saw a single light glaring from rafters far overhead. She tried to move to see more and found her arms restrained. She was tied on her back like some fainting heroine in an old movie, just waiting for an idiot hero to rescue her. That wouldn’t be the case here, The straps felt strong enough to restrain a human but she was white court and she was well fed.

Preparing to tear the straps she reached down into the well of dark energy at the heart of every white court vampire. It would provide the physical strength she needed. She reached down and felt…

Nothing. There was nothing there but an absence where power should be. This shattered her calm as nothing else could. She started thrashing about, pulling at the straps with only human strength, but they stayed tight and she finally lay spent, sobbing.

“Your demon is only asleep, not removed.”

The voice came calm and steady from behind her. She couldn’t see who spoke but Sheila recognized it instantly. “Janice? Is that you? What’s going on here? Are you trapped here also?” She’d tried to keep her voice calm but the panic was clearly evident by the last question.

Janice’s blond toped face appeared in Sheila’s sight, smiling brightly. “No, I’m not trapped here, in fact I’ve spent a great deal of money to get here. Your fleeing to Hamburg made it very awkward for me. I suppose you’re trying to get away from your sister?”

Sheila’s voice turned angry. “That bitch somehow got all of father’s money and she’s selling us out to House Wraith. It’s only a matter of time before she decides to get me. I was alone in New York. You’d disappeared without a word. How could you do that to me? We were building something beautiful.”

The smile vanished from Janice’s face, her eyes turned hard and black. “Beautiful? I suppose that’s one way of looking at it, if you’re the feaster and not the feast. You used your power to control me. Used your fascination abilities to feast on my essence.” The voice rose in intensity without rising in volume. “Not content to merely have sex and feed you made me your toy in your sick little games. You might think that beautiful but I think that it is time for a little vengeance.”

Bending down Janice did something below Sheila. The surface Sheila lay on tilted up and she found herself hanging from her wrists. Her shoulders started aching immediately. Beyond the edge of illumination, from the single light above, she could see that they were in some type of abandoned warehouse. Just beyond the light Sheila made out two candles to either side of a large iron pot. Something seemed to be painted on the floor that the pot rested on.

Janice walked into view again. She seemed to have lost the anger that had filled her a moment ago. Her eyes were still black, indeed they were all black with no whites or iris showing. “While traveling through the twisted Disney realm on behalf of that damned fairy I made a discovery and a deal. The discovery is that I really only can depend on myself, my ‘friends’ made that abundantly clear. The deal was for power, not power I’m all that happy with but at least the giver is someone far away with little care for what goes on around here.”

Bending down Janice lit the two candles, she walked over to a column and flipped a switch and the overhead light went out. Her voice made it easy to follow her as she returned to the pot. “He gave me control over darkness, limited control, but still control. Funny thing is the link that you used to control me is made of darkness and that thing that makes you the evil succubus that you are is also darkness. The cold hungry darkness of a void that can never be filled. I was able to use that link to track you down and that link made it possible to force the demon in you to sleep and you along with it. I’ve let you awaken but it will sleep until it’s time for it to wake and serve its new master.”

Sheila found she could no longer speak. She could only watch in horror as Janice walked back to her and drew a knife.

“You know I really considered just killing you. But I decided not to, besides using this power sometimes means I owe the giver favors and this way He’ll end up in my debt for a little bit.” A sting in Sheila’s side indicated where Janice had stabbed her. Janice raised the dagger and Sheila saw a drop of blood on the tip. “You might have been better off if I’d killed you, though I doubt there will be much “you” left when he’s done with you. I get the sense that he’s looking for monsters that terrorize the Id, not ones that seduce it. Sorry about the whole cauldron thing, I think he’s got a thing for them, he insisted one was needed for this to work.”

With that Janice strode back to the cauldron and dipped the tip of the dagger into the fluid in the cauldron. Glowing green smoke rose from it and formed a disk in the air. In the surface of the disk a skeletal face, with horns sticking out of it, appeared. A rasping voice sounded in the room. “Yes, it’s as you said, the darkness at the heart of this creature can be controlled. Send it through and I will be in your debt. I might use the flesh it inhabits to spy on my enemies if it can pass unrecognized.”

Janice cut Sheila’s suddenly limp body free of the straps and carried her towards the disk. “I don’t care what you do with her. Twist her so that her outsides reflect her insides, feed her to your dogs, heck use her to make some of those Disney porn pictures real, just so long as she never returns to this world.”

As Sheila’s body was lowered into the cauldron Janice whispered one last thing to her. “You know, I can’t swear to it, but I think everyone he will be sending you against has true love on their side.”

Janices journal season 3 episode-4

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