Jennifer Garcia



Jennifer Garcia
High Concept: Lieutenant Director of The Shop

Jennifer Garcia was born in the shadow of Yankee Stadium, in The Bronx, in 1980, the illegitimate daughter of Senator Al D’Amato and 16yr old High School Drop Out Lucia Garcia. Her mother, unable to get assistance from Jennifer’s father (or acknowledgement) fell into a depression and quickly became a victim of drugs and alcohol. Jennifer was raised by her grandmother Maria, until age 8, when at 76yrs of age, Maria succumbed to a heart attack.

From age 8 till she turned 18, Jennifer survived the negligence of her barely present mother, learning to survive on the streets through various, illegal, means. Shortly after her grandmother’s death,
Jennifer became a member of 6 Wild Gang, where she quickly earned a name for herself as a heartless killer as well as the Woman of the leader, Ricky Martinez. However, at 18, Jennifer was arrested for narcotics possession, narcotics dealing, and assault, and the judge gave her a choice, Prison or The Military. Jennifer chose The Military, and was quickly ushered into The US Army.

In the Army, Jennifer’s Drill Sergeant, Gregory Cass, recognized a potential in the trash talking, tough as nails, young lady, and rode her mercilessly, becoming a mentor to her. To help her along, he also enrolled her, against her will, in the courses taught by civilian Bill Rago. The two took Jennifer, and taught her to respect herself and those around her, as well as educate her into her own potential.

At Sergeant Cass’ urging, and with Rago’s assistance, Jennifer applied for OCS and was accepted. She quickly rose through the ranks, achieving the rank of Major, before she was recruited into the CIA by Dennis Harrel. Shortly after completing her CIA training, Jennifer was moved to The Shop, the CIA’s version of MI-6’s Q Branch. After three years serving as an operative for The Shop, Jennifer was promoted to Harrel’s Lieutenant, and placed in charge of The Shop’s operations out of New York City. Jennifer is fiercely loyal to The Shop and Harrel, in particular, and some in-the-know believe the cold as ice woman has fallen in love with her superior.

More recently, Jennifer has been placed in treatment for mental illness, having suffered complete memory loss. The C.I.A. has placed her on Disability Leave and she is now in St. Agnes Nursing and Rehabilitaiton Home in Queens

Jennifer Garcia

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