Joseph Knight



Detective Joseph Knight, NYPD
High Concept: In The Know UCU Detective

Joseph Knight is a highly respected and decorated officer of the NYPD’s Unsolved Crimes Unit (UCU). A 10 yr. veteran of the US Marine Corps, where he served as a sniper, he received his Criminology degree from NYU after leaving the Marines, and shortly thereafter, joined the NYPD. After a 1yr stint in Manhattan’s 12th Precinct, where he was partnered with Detective Joss Carter (now in the 23rd Precinct), Detective Knight was transferred to the Unsolved Crimes Unit.

During his 3 years in the UCU, Detective Knight has become one of Captain Mazza’s main go-to guys. She recently partnered him with Detective Hubert Fuller,
and the two have a reputation for closing cases which come across their desk. Detective Knight is also an associate of the mysterious “Man in the Suit”, as well as an ally of the now deceased, Professor Alfred Newcastle

Joseph Knight

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