Lady Ariel



Lady Ariel of Summer
High Concept: Titania’s Handmaiden

Lady Ariel is the handmaiden of Queen Titania of the Summer Court, and perhaps the most powerful sorceress in Summer, second only to Titania herself. She is joyous and carefree, and regarded as especially kindhearted among her kind. She is respected and generates fierce loyalty in her subordinates. Her loyalty to Titania and to Summer is unquestionable.

She is fond of music and dancing and her parties are legendary. She takes a peculiar interest in the affairs of mortals, spending frequent amounts of time away from Court,amongst mortals, even sometimes leaving her immortality behind to dwell AS a mortal,
though the last time she did this was to spend time in the court of King Henry VIII of England. She also takes easy offense at any jokes relating her name to mermaids.

Like most of Summer, she is fiercely against Winter, especially her opposite number in the Winter Court, the Leananshide. She does everything within her power to counter the Leaninshidhe’s moves and to cure the ills caused by her enemy.

Lady Ariel

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