Lazarus Jacobs



Lazarus Jacobs
High Concept: Son of Chronos, Small Time Gangster with Dreams of Don-hood

Lazarus Jacobs is the younger half brother of Alaska Vanderbilt, and an unacknowledged scion of that wealthy and powerful family. Son of Chronos, he fought in The Titan’s War, and survived only through the actions of his lover and lieutenant, Risa Hirano, a quick thinking Daughter of Nemesis. Risa took him through Summer and bought them sanctuary for a time, from the wrath of Olympus.

After returning to New York, Lazarus began a campaign of
gathering power for himself, within New York’s criminal underworld. It began with the acquisition and consolidation of several street gangs in the Bronx. This led to the take over of several small prostitution and rug dealing avenues. During the recent ‘war’ between the Lucciano Syndicate and the Nakamura Clan, Lazarus has quietly been gathering up territory lost by both in the Bronx, with full intention on keeping those territories for himself.

Lazarus Jacobs

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