Melissa Alexis



Melissa Alexis
High Concept: Naive Apprentice and Overconfident Junior Warden

Melissa Alexis was born in Riverside, Iowa, a small farming community, in 1991. She was raised on her father’s farm, where she participated in the daily chores typical of the lifestyle. Unlike many, she demonstrated her magical aptitude late in life. She always felt something within her, conflicting, since puberty, but it wasn’t until Melissa was 21 that her magic emerged. While attending a University of Iowa football game (she was majoring there in a Pre-Law Degree), she was cornered beneath the stands by several boys who sought to take advantage of her. Her magic lashed out, causing her skin to grow chill
to the touch so that the boys holding her released
her, and she fled home in tears. Police investigated and the boys were arrested and prosecuted. Shortly thereafter, Captain Anastasia Luccio herself, visited Melissa and her family and Melissa soon found herself accompanying the Warden Captain to the training grounds in New Mexico where she was trained by the Captain and no less than Warden Regional Commanders Dresden and Ramirez. She was also examined closely upon recruitment by Senior Council Member Listens-To-Wind, who discovered the reason for the late blooming of her magical powers, her knack for Fire Magic and Water Magic, something rarely seen in wizards.

It was soon discovered, during her training, that she was a natural talent with fire and water magic, and as the White Council grew more and more desperate for Wardens to serve in their war with the Red Court, her training focused on these areas of magic, the skills needed to utilize them, and in combat in general. Melissa is rather proud of herself for her ability to duplicate the ‘patented’ spells of Dresden and Ramirez (Dresden’s Fuego spell and Ramirez’s water shield).

Melissa saw several battles during the Vampire War, and while she did not distinguish herself from anyone else, she held her own. With the war’s conclusion, she was assigned to Senior Warden Charles Fisher as both a Junior Warden in NYC, and as his apprentice for further training.

Melissa is confident in her skills, though her isolated upbringing does make her quite naive in regards to New York City and the world as a whole. However, the young Junior Warden is highly confident in her skills, and even having only been in New York for several months, has already demonstrated her ability to drive her Master crazy, repeatedly following her own (and sometimes misguided) instincts regarding issues in The City, as well as repeatedly pursuing her own investigations into incidents for which she is ill prepared, and which has caused her to step upon the toes of Warden Violet Marten.

Melissa Alexis

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