Myka Bering



Agent Myka Bering
High Concept: Warehouse Agent Know-It-All

Bering is from Colorado Springs, Colorado, where her parents live. Early on in her life, Myka’s parents opened a bookstore called, “Bering and Sons,” even though she has no brothers; the ‘and Sons’ is only added to make the establishment sound classier. She has one sister, Tracy, who Myka describes as “the pretty one” that all the boys were crazy about. Unlike her sister, Myka is a tomboy, and thus, instead of growing up playing with Barbies, was a member of Girl Scouts. As a teen one of her hobbies was fencing. She also enjoys books and is an avid reader. Myka attended Lincoln High School in Colorado Springs, and graduated in 2000. She is a college graduate, and was Pre-med and Pre-law at
some point before being recruited into the Secret Service; at least one of these qualifications was obtained at the University of Colorado.

Organized and focused, Myka believes in hard work, solid planning and steadfast execution. She never met a meticulously detailed mission outline she didn’t like, and her attention to minutiae leads to her status as a rising star in the Secret Service despite a classified “situation” in Denver, Colorado. Reassigned to Washington, DC, Myka served as an agent on the presidential security detail to George W. Bush.

An order dated May 11, 2009 is sent to Chief Supervisor Daniel Dickinson, Myka’s boss, ordering her immediate transfer to an undisclosed location from her branch in presidential security. The transfer is classified as top secret and the authorization comes from a single name, “Frederic.” Following the instructions given to her, Myka finds herself in the badlands of South Dakota assigned as an agent to Warehouse 13 with a new boss, Artie Nielsen, and a new partner, Pete Lattimer. Her job is to gather and protect mysterious and powerful artifacts that threaten the world.

The new assignment is not the career path she envisioned, and thus she initially resists. However, over time she learns the importance of the job and grows to enjoy the work and the companionship of her fellow agents, eventually realizing the warehouse is her happiest place.

Myka Bering

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