The Olympians remain aloof from the City, with Mt. Olympus anchored, unseen, above the Empire State Building (The entrance to Olympus resides via an elevator in The Empire State Building, which can only be seen by those of a Supernatural bearing, and which is protected both by magical and physical means.)

While the Olympians remain aloof, they also take a great interest in the City which they reside above, and more and more of their children now reside within New York. The Olympians, being what they are, cannot refrain from involving themselves in mortal affairs however, though they tend to choose to act through their mortal (Halfblood) children now, rather than appearing themselves to mortals.

Fighting the supernatural threats that plague the city, dispatched from Camp Half Blood (On Staten Island), armed with Celestial Bronze, and guided by their immortal parents, the Halfbloods continue doing as Heroes have always done since ancient times.

The Olympians, recently signed on to the Unseelie Accords, granting their children all the protections and responsibilities this entails. This was done at the advice of Athena, and was opposed strongly by both Ares and his lover, Aphrodite. Many fear the day that the Olympians find it convenient to break the Accords (as many see as an inevitable occurance) and the ensuing conflict between Winter and Olympus that would ensue.


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