Pete Lattimer



Agent Pete Lattimer
High Concept: Warehouse Agent with Spidey-Sense

Lattimer is from North Canton, Ohio. His mother is Jane Lattimer, a Warehouse Regent. His father was a fireman who was killed saving children from a house fire when Pete was 12 years old. Pete is known to wear his father’s Fire Department badge on a chain around his neck. He has an older sister, Jeannie, who is hearing-impaired. Pete is a college graduate, but his alma mater has never been officially revealed. He is a college athlete, having competed in wrestling. He is a former U.S. Marine, though little has been revealed about his service record. Pete is divorced, having been briefly married.

Lattimer’s appearance and affable disposition comes
in handy when he needs to charm someone. His uncanny ability to find the lighter side in even the most dire situations adds to his charm. When confronted with a potentially dangerous situation, Pete relies on his gut feelings and instincts and is willing to bend the rules if it means getting the job done. His impulsive, intuitive nature often leads him to leap before he looks. He has a sixth sense for impending dangers and a weakness for food (especially cookies). Pete is also an avid comic book fan having now collected every edition of Iron Shadow (as long as his personal effects come in the mail).

Lattimer is a dedicated agent who is willing to “take a bullet” if necessary. Pete will also go to great lengths to protect his fellow agents if he believes they are being threatened. Although Lattimer is a capable Warehouse agent, he has a childish side that he has never grown out of. Pete is also intensely curious and has a habit of playing with artifacts, which tends to get him in trouble frequently.

Pete Lattimer

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