Redeemer Lutheran Church



Face: Angie Ramirez
Angie is a Ghost talker, younger sister of Western North American Warden Commander Carlos Ramirez, devout Christian, and Choir Director/Organist at Redeemer Lutheran Church. She also heads up most of the church’s outreach programs and is the go between for the Religious Leaders of Staten Island and the Supernatural Community.
Themes & Threats
Theme: Sanctuary and Holy Ground

Aspect: Angellic Tether to Yves

Aspect: Meeting Place for Religious Leaders

Redeemer Lutheran is fairly standard as far as protestant churches go. It has a thriving congregation and performs 23 services weekly, 1 on Saturday evenings and two on Sunday mornings, along with the standard Sunday School and Adult Bible Studies. The congregation is a strong force in its community, providing a soup kitchen to the needy, and holding several fund raising events to help improve Staten Island.

What is little known to most of its parishioners, is Redeemer is also a haven for those fleeing the supernatural. The Church provides shelter to any and all seeking their aid, assuming they pass the test of 20 questions from Angela Ramirez and Pastor Ronald Meyer. The two have a unusual talent to detect when one is lying to them and both attribute it to God.

In addition, Redeemer also serves as a meeting place for several of the more prominent religious leaders in the area (Father Michael Duncan of St. Maximillian Kolbe, Rabbi Harold Denschiwitcz of Temple Beth Shalom, and Imam Muhammad Al-Rashid of Masjid Al-Hadi, along with Pastor Meyer), all who are keenly aware of the supernatural denizens of their area, and who have decided to do what they can to stand against the Darkness. To remain secret, the group meets weekly at Redeemer under the auspices of the Religious Leaders of Staten Island meeting, and traditionally uses Angie to transmit their messages, information, etc to the Supernatural Community.

Finally, the Church is a Tether to the Archangel Yves, and therefore is protected and sanctified ground.

Redeemer Lutheran Church

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