Risa Hirano



Risa Hirano
High Concept: Daughter of Nemesis, Lt./Lover to Lazarus

Risa Hirano was born in 341 BC, in what is now called Japan. Trained from a very young age in the art of combat. During this time, Nemesis convinced her divine ally, Hecate, to bless her daughter, rendering her immune to mortal magics. When she turned 21, and at the command of her divine mother, Risa was dispatched to India in March of 323 BC, where she exacted her mother’s revenge (on Zeus) upon Alexander of Macedonia, whom she bested in single combat. Zeus, in turn, slew Risa, in retaliation for the injury she dealt his son (which eventually killed him).
Risa was returned to life in 2001, and immediately took up arms in the service of the titan, Chronos, participating in his attack on New York City and Mt. Olympus (much to Hecate’s frustration, Risa retained the ancient blessing she had bestowed upon the girl and could not reverse it). It was during The Titan’s War that she met and fell in love with Lazarus Jacobs, some of Chronos. During the chaos of Chronos’ defeat, the two fled. Pursued by the Half-blood forces of Olympus, they came upon a dryad of the Summer Court in Central Park, who agreed to open a way to Summer for them. There, Risa impressed Queen Titania, and was imbued with the magic of the Summer Court.

Risa and Lazarus returned to New York City 2 years after the Titan’s War, form Summer, and began a campaign of power accumulation within it’s criminal underworld

Risa Hirano

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