Face: Fred Barkley
Fred Barkley is the owner and manager of the SPUTNIK Bar. He is also a Technomancer and unknown to anyone, the head of the Inner Circle of Anonymous.
Themes & Threats
Theme: Trendy Bar

Aspect: Technomancer HQ

Aspect: We Are Legion

SPUTNIK is a bi-level bar restaurant and performance space located in Clinton Hill.Catering to it’s ecclectic, sophisticated clientele, SPUTNIK is noted for it’s “burger joint” style menu that focuses on your choice of specialty meats (elk, ostrich, bison, beef, turkey, or veggie patty). SPUTNIK’s popular drink menu is anchored by some of the tastiest sangria anywhere! SPUTNIK has also hosted performances by many of the most legendary names in hip hop and indie rock, as well as been a platform for emerging local musicians, performers and exhibiting artists

Managed and run by Fred Barkley, SPUTNIK is the place to hang for technomancers, and hiding amongst this crowd, are the ring leaders of Anonymous, always looking for new recruits.


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