Susan Ivanova



Lt. Susan Ivanova, NYPD
High Concept: Immortal NYPD UCU Lieutenant

Lt. Ivanova is second in command of the NYPD’s Unsolved Crimes Unit (UCU), a twice decorated officer, and the only Immortal to ever have a child (Alexandra Ivanova).

Susan was born Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanov, Grand Duchess of Russia. When the Bolsheviks seized her country and killed her family, she experienced her ‘First Death’. After climbing her way out of the mass grave, through the corpses of her family, she went into hiding on the streets of Moscow. Due to the many magics performed on young Anastasia by Rasputin, Anastasia, unlike the rest of her kind, continued to age, until she reached
the age of 25.

Like most Immortals, Anna has had many names and experiences, Susan Ivanova being her latest, and longest established. However, one day in June of 1976, while on her way back from Studio 54, Susan encountered the man who would become the father of her child, a half demon. The strange mixing of Immortal and demon allowed the conception of Alexandra Ivanova, who would eventually become a Warden of the White Council. Tension between Susan and Alex was always high, and got even worse when the Warden went into hiding after her alleged participation in the murder of a Senior White Council Member.

Susan takes her position in the NYPD quite seriously, and does everything she can to prevent the darkness from encroaching on her new home. Still haunted by nightmares of her ‘First Death’ and hoping to eventually patch things up with her daughter, she steadfastly does her job, function first as Captain’s Mazza’s second in command, as well as consistently having the highest number of solved cases in the UCU, year after year.

Susan Ivanova

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