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Terri was born as the direct result of the favor owed to the Leanansidhe by Ted Forrester. She was raised by Lea (who has taken a fondness to that name for some strange reason) in the Nevernever learning to see the Winter Court as the immune system of the mortal realm. She took the name Foster as a reference to old folk tales about the fae and lost children.

She spent each summer with the Forresters ’for the weekend’ as Lea put it, learning of the ‘real world’. Her relationship with Lea is much like that of a favored pet and Lea often refers to Terri as ‘My Best Hound’. She has always gotten along well with Ted but originally her relationship with Michelle was strained to say the least and only recently could they have been considered friendly.

Between Unseelie Magic and the Forrester’s ‘flexible ethics’, Terri became incredibly adept at finding out whatever it was that you least wanted her to know. This became a great game to the fae but has led to many arguments with mortals and is the basis for what is perceived as Terri’s antisocial demeanor. She is on good terms with Dragonfly to the point of being friends … or as close as fae come to that. This has led to many a defense attorney’s attempt to bribe or blackmail Terri, all of which has resulted in WINTER thanking them for their donations.

While on an errand for Lea, Terri took an internship at the District Attorney’s office and was later asked to stay on as an investigator. She enjoyed this and saw it as a mortal equivalent to her tasks for the Winter Court. Between the legal and fae courts, Terri has more than likely come in contact with a third of the city. She admires ADA Mike Cutter for his faith in the law but thinks his dedication leaves him a bit naïve.

Although not strictly bound to the standard fae conventions, it is how she was raised so Terri is against lies. She feels if you can’t own up to your actions then you shouldn’t have done them in the first place and if you do choose something then you are responsible for any consequences. Those who feel they are beyond such concerns are a favorite target of her attentions. ‘Love’ is a foreign concept to her. Although Ted & Michelle are devoted to each other, she sees how much trouble it has caused each of them. In recent discussions, Michelle has asked her if she feels taken advantage of but the honest answer is that she has a true purpose & that knowledge frees her from conflict and doubt. She has seen any number patrons at Dragonfly’s give up everything for a chance at something more ephemeral then the glamours she grew up with.

Terri favors water and sleep spells. She almost always wears a short black fur jacket that appears to be sealskin, a black leather dog collar with small silver spikes and a bracelet with 3 silver rings chained together on her left hand. The jacket was a ‘gift’ from the Leanansidhe that enhances her abilities & allows her to assume the form of a jet black hound. The dog collar is a focus for her shield spell. The bracelet & rings set is a control focus for Winter magic. She rides an ice blue Honda Nighthawk with a cobalt & silver flame design airbrushed on.

Terri stands 5’6” tall and weighs in at 106lbs. She has blue/black shoulder-length hair, bright green eyes and a scattering of freckles across her cheeks. Her eyes are slightly upturned & her ears almost come to a point. She has a tattoo of a temple dog almost visible at the back of her neck that covers her entire back. She almost always has a paperback copy of the ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ book with her.

During the final battle with Nefertiti & Rameses (in Season 1), Terri was severely wounded (I’m saying permanently injured in right thigh/hip since she was “impaled”). Combined with ‘Shaken Faith in WINTER’, Terri effectively decided to make The Choice to humanity but had to work off & repay debt first. As she worked off each debt she distanced herself more & more from the WINTER COURT, which is how she came to do services for The Mothers and/or various Wyld Fae & thus acquiring her magical cane. Terri has left the District Attorney’s office on permanent disability to become a freelance artist. Relationships with Dragonfly & Drucillia are dependent upon your current setting/timeline

Terri Biography

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