Terri Journal Episode 2



From: T.Foster@NYCDA.NYC.Gov
Sent: Friday, March 14, 2013 12:03 AM
To: Ted Forrester; Michelle Forrester
Subject: Lazy and Company Status

Just thought I would bring you up to speed on the past events

Lazy threatens us into meeting at The Shop Around the corner, expects to use us as private assassins, sneaks out after all revealed as an illusion (more magic from mundanes?). Checked out Macleod’s Antiques & only one there ‘friend’ of Macleod’s doing some kind of machine work in the back. Tried to interview Alaska Vanderbilt, couldn’t get past receptionist (well I COULD have but group rejected idea … STRONGLY). I went to office to get forensic reports on Ditz’s apartment explosion while they went to sneak into Alaska’s to mystically snoop around. They called asking about Joseph Hobbes (VS saw his ‘ghost’ explode in Alaska’s bedroom). I got records (ex-cop, HR scandal, sleazy but well off PI) & rushed over to search his apt. Shocked to find him still living inside (very much alive as I walked in on him & girl from Macleod’s). After almost loosing Ditz to the sexleech Hobbes (of House Wraith not Howe) we made our escape with help of Ellistrae (big freakin YIKES). We decided to look closer at Macleod’s after a wardrobe change for Ditz. VS & I played lookout while they broke in. Jane called me in to check out Claymore stuck in an iceberg in the living room (some type of investment ritual). We bugged out after Ditz took some holiday photos on her phone (Leah, really?). At ‘The Flame’, David got the inevitable taunt-text of his sweetie (not bad for an Arwen type) in the cliche bad guy trap “bring me the sword or else”. After a frantic panic on David’s part, I told him how to contact Lady Ariel (does no one understand the concept of “after I leave”? Really?). Between Jane’s people (another story there), Lady Ariel & just about every major news network we came up with location and details of hostage site. Showing a surprising amount of courage (or adrenalin fueled panic) David came up with assault plan. He & I would grab the girl (must remember to rephrase that when I tell Dragonfly) while rest would flush out Saundra from Port Authority. Our part went off perfectly once I iced (literally) the leech hiding near the girl. Seems ‘sneaking up on’ not in the rest’s playbook. Worked out OK in end as Saundra (now known as Stumpy) escaped minus an arm (how the hell do you loose an arm jumping 5 stories to the ground??). Back at ‘the Flame’ (we sooo have to get a new hangout) Ditz got a call back from Daddy, seems he ‘met someone’ on the plane (I thought Ditz’ mom was the easy one?) & was too distracted to call sooner. Recognizing background as Studio 54 & fearing the worst, we all rushed over to get Daddy off the dinner plate (after another wardrobe change for Ditz). Once inside we saw Daddy wasn’t a sexleech snack but instead had been enthralled by Jessica Brown (different religion but same church), the last remnant of the goddess Ishtar. Jessica had been countered by a Siobhan Chu (wizard apprentice to colleague of Charles’). Daddy left stung but safe after ‘his date’ went upstairs to the ‘deck of debauchery’ without him (not that Ditz even noticed after seeing miss Chu). I made use of the opportunity to follow Dragonfly’s advice & sought out Robert Howe. Trading info on Mr Hobbes for request to track Lazy’s people led to talk of Stumpy. Mr Howe suggested Saundra (damn, I liked ‘Stumpy’) may not be the enemy we thought as her loyalties to Escobado himself were absolute if her goal was our deaths, some or all of us would be dead. I later shared this with the others & was met with various complaints (Charles outright refused to have anything to do with any of the leeches) so I’ll have to handle this on my own (luckily, when VS requested we remove Saundra’s arm from his fridge no one else wanted to deal with that either).

Has it only been one day??? I pick up coffee & donuts on way to Ditz’. As no real plan emerges I check in at D.A.‘s office then hit streets to scare up a lead (what a waste of half the day). I try to salvage the day by going to Dragonfly’s. After filling her in & admitting she had a point about Robert, she declared today a holiday (wise ass!!) and said if I was trying to find Saundra so bad, I should’ve looked in room #3 as she was there negotiating to get her arm back (D’oh!!!). Requesting Dragonfly arrange a peaceful meeting ‘by my power’, I was talking to Saundra minutes later. We came to an agreement & I left to fetch her arm. Once that was concluded and Saundra left, I had to agree to going with Dragonfly to some movie mischief that SUMMER had planned (oh, the burdens one puts on oneself dealing with the Fae … I did NOT just giggle!!). I called the group to meet for dinner at Golden Dragon (voicemail in David’s case). Shockingly, David met us for dinner saying Arwen (Selena) was doing much better. Sharing info brought up a discussion on Red vs White vs Black vs Purple (Hellmouth/Klingons …thanks, David) vampire courts and yet another debate on dealing with Luciano (I seemed to have swayed a few more to my outlook at this being a bad idea). We ended with promises to check contacts about the Terminal Trio (the assassins) and Atlantic City.

Morning at Ditz’ apt (swear she just doesn’t want to get up earlier than needed) shared results on Terminal Trio: 1) Jessica still in NYC somewhere (has anyone been brave enough to check balcony at Studio 54??) 2) Tigress (aka Kittycat) casing each of our residences (I learned this later, must have been in ‘powder room’ originally) and 3)Cameron (aka the Toaster, thanks again David) in AC with Lazy. Debate on NYC vs AC ensued. Lazy in AC won which led to next debate on cover stories. My argument of cover stories only needed if you talk to people & we don’t have to talk to kill him was of course shot down. Between David & Jane, new ID’s were established.

Spent day rehearsing new roles at Ditz’ (yawn). As we were leaving for the day we found the clerk/guard in the lobby killed & his security monitors all blank. Fearing (I did not say hoping) the worst, we rushed back up to Ditz’ apt as Charles tried calling to warn her. Elevator & lights all shut down about the 15th floor. David got it going again & we reached Andromeda’s floor as Kittycat let loose with an AK-something-or-other. Our arrival caused her to escape to balcony below leading the terrified owner to call the cops about the monster that just ran thru his living room. We pursued but she got away (must invest in better running shoes). Jane checked on Ditz as I went down to calm the downstairs neighbor (I failed).

Jane’s apt this time (federal employees do NOT make as much as I thought). Found out Arwen would be back in city tonite (bye, David) & Charles’ family was safe but Siobhan was having a ‘zombie afternoon’ (great, when did a necromancer join this shindig?). Ditz got a call from Daddy about relocating here & told him about going to AC for the weekend. David choked on his double espresso & once he could breathe again asked her if there was anyone else she’d like to inform of our plans (decaf for him from now on). Off to AC (yay?). We checked in & went down to scope out the casino. After a few minutes, David & Ditz dragged me out onto the boardwalk babbling about more important issues but before I could determine what they were talking about my phone chirped with a dozen or so texts from the past 9 days (NINE DAYS???).

According to Ditz, Revel is being run by The Lotus Eaters (??). We got security footage of Lazy & the Toaster passing all of us over this period. While we debated on what steps to take, Security came to take us down to answer claims of cheating which was all poorly doctored video footage (one of the security goons was an orc on Lazy’s payroll) but was enough to delay us while Lazy & the Toaster went back to NYC (I politely did not mention to the group how bad an idea it was to go to AC).

We return to NYC with the inevitable taunting text offering to trade Siobhan for Andromeda at the Empire State Building (the pic showed only Siobhan wearing faeie cuffs in a plain brick room. Thaumaturgy showed where she was being held but also what would happen if any of us went near there. It was decided to ambush them as they brought her to the exchange site thru the Nevernever. They came, we saw, we kicked their …. well, Lady Ariel helped a bit. End result: Siobhan rescued, the Toaster was ‘liberated’ & Lazy’s bolt-hole was located.

Straight forward (for us) assault on the old Pelham 123 site. After a brief skirmish in the old subway tunnel, Lazy fled up onto 57th St. Charles administered to Jane while I searched for any physical link to Lazy. Lazy was run down and gunned down by the rest of the group … on 57th St … in the middle of rush hour!!! (/sigh). As Jane wakes up Charles replaced the illusion of the wall & I conjured an actual wall of ice to prevent anyone from wandering in on us (what fruitcake aside from us would run TOWARD the sounds of monsters and full auto gunfire in pitch black tunnels?). I got a call from VS telling me Lazy was dead followed shortly by Jane getting a call from her ‘boss’ which can be summed up as ‘WTF’ & ‘get in here right now’.

Well, that’s it pretty much.


Terri Journal Episode 2

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