Terris Journal Episode 4



The following folder was left in the locked top drawer of Dragonfly’s desk in her office at the club:

(the cover page was a sheet of vellum with an intricate drawing of a dragonfly done in a single continuous line, inside the folder the following was written in flawless script on rice paper)

Please forgive me if this comes off a bit extravagant, I guess ‘the Muse’ had a lasting effect on me after all. I would have thought that after that ice sculpture any ‘inspirational energy’ would have been completely exhausted. I must be getting all soft … wonder who is to blaim for that? Kind of a really nice drawing though, isn’t it? I had to ask a certain ‘lightsaber sprite’ to deliver this where "you and only you could find it.

Anyways in my defense I needed something to take my mind off of the Paranoia Patrol and the latest contestant of the ‘Gingerbreadman, watch me get away’ … (wait for it) … Adrika!!! Who will be our next contestant? Lucianno? Tesla? Vanderbilt? Kovalev? Kolchak?? To be honest, my money is on Kolchak. There is absolutely no way I will ever believe he did not have a personal stake in that whole Public-Enemy-Number-Me crap. The fact that he is still alive, well and walking around in New York City is proof that I have great control of my emotions!!!

Speaking of emotions, last night you asked what was on my mind, well here it is:

    -I am curious why a ‘cold winter Fae’ with eyes soo deep a mermaid would drown would be interested in my toughts.
    -I am happy we are ‘back’ together, I never even considered The Queen knew of us.
    -I am thankful Johnathan Windtalker’s people are being cared for, still concerns me how easily they were cut off.
    -I am concerned that The Thunderbully paid a pesonal visit to The Queen so close after PP cleaned up his mess.
    -I am worried about mom & The Mothers and the whole she-is-paying-off-my-debt thing.
    -I am troubled by recurring dreams of The Wall.
    -I am annoyed that this Agency Director thinks she can just snap a leash on me and I’ll sit up and beg.
    -I am affraid The Lady will interfere as her whims have gotten darker.
    -I am angry that the cosmos has decreed that every evil mastermind gets at least one get-out-of-jail card.
    -I am pissed off that every major battle MUST be preceded by a wardrobe change & followed by an emo moment.

And that’s about it for what was on my mind last night, in more or less that order. I am now heading off to work as PP haven’t yet informed me of the latest End-of-the-World-Event and even if they did call with some, it can wait until torrow.

I will be done by 4pm today regardless of major crimes that can also wait for tomorrow. I have made reservations for dinner followed by a play and then dancing until the mortals call it quits. Elegant dress and comfortable shoes are a requirement. I have already enlisted the staff at Dragonfly’s so there will be no reason for you not to be ready when the carriage arrives … what good is collecting favors if I never get the chance to spend them? I know how much you like authentic Cantonese cooking and since the ambassador owed me one …. the palace should be used to faerie carriages drawn by nightmares pulling up to the doors, right??

(the only ‘signature’ is a single continuous line drawing of a wolfhound)

Terris Journal Episode 4

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