The Director



The Director
High Concept: Draenei Shaman Leading The Agency

Ariadne Moskavina (whose true name is Moskva) is a Creature of Shadow, and is in reality of the race known as Draenei. She was born on the broken world of Draenor,and ventured with many of her people, to the world of Azeroth, aboard the The Exodar. Trained from an early age as a Shaman of her people, she is an accomplished and skilled healer.

She experienced many adventures on Azeroth, and was a champion and hero of her people, struggling against the many evils which threatened the Draenei and their allies. It was during one such struggle, that Moskva found herself swept from Azeroth, through
Deep Shadow in the NeverNever, and to Earth. She arrived, like most Creatures of Shadow, in New York City, confused and amazed by everything around her. Fortunately, she was quickly discovered by Agency Operative, and Assistant Director, Napoleon Solo, who saw the potential in the newly arrived Draenei (who was cloaked in the glamour of humanity all creatures of Shadow gain upon arrival in our world). A brief stint of training and learning of our world, and Moskva, Draenei restoration shaman, became Ariadne Moskavina, Agency Operative. Solo took the newly minted agent under his wing, and when he ascended to the Directorship of The Agency, she rose as his assistant.

Agent Moskavina proved herself a capable and thorough Agent, whose wisdom enabled the Agency to recruit the Rogue Warden, Alexandra Ivanova, and add her capabilities to The Agency’s ranks. During her career, Agent Moskavina was key in several operations, including the Goser Incursion in New York City in 1985, the events in San Francisco’s Chinatown in 1986, and more recently, the Rasputin Incidents in New York in 2009. It was during the Rasputin Incident, that Director Solo was killed, and Ariadne Moskavina became The Director. Since then, she has guided The Agency with courage and wisdom, making Alexandra Ivanova her assistant, and doing all she can to protect and defend her adopted homeland from the supernatural threats that seek to enslave or destroy it.

The Director

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