The Leanansidhe



The Leanansidhe
High Concept: Mab’s Handmaiden

The Leanansidhe is the handmaiden of Queen Titania of the Winter Court, and perhaps the most powerful sorceress in Winter, second only to Mab herself.

Recently, she was a captive of Queen Mab, sentenced to spend an indefinite amount of time at the heart of Arctis Tor frozen as a statue until she has been “humbled”, having returned to the court with too much power and trying to overthrow Mab. She has only recently been released from this captivity. Like most of Winter, she is fiercely against Summer, especially her opposite number in the Summer Court, the Lady Ariel. She takes every
opportunity she can to embarrass, counter, and ruin the plans of Lady Ariel. Like all Fae, The Leanansidhe lives for making deals. Particularly, she provides inspiration to artists and writers, usually in exchange for their devotion. Sometimes this leads to madness and death. Other times, it leads to The Leanansidhe adding a new hound to her kennel.

The Leanansidhe

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