The Scandinavian East Coast Museum



Face: Thor Mjölnerson
Thor leads the cult of Thor, and bears his namesake’s hammer. He and the Cult strive against the Darkness, destroying it wherever they find it within their area of protection (Brooklyn)
Themes & Threats
Theme: Re-enactment Museum of Scandinavian History in NYC

Aspect: Training Ground for the Cult of Thor

Aspect: By Thor’s Hammer

The Scandinavian East Coast Museum’s mission is to educate and celebrate the history of Scandinavians throughout the East Coast, Brooklyn serving as their core. Although they have an almost 400 year history in Brooklyn they have been unheralded for the tremendous contributions they have made to this city, especially in the shipping and building trades. Our annual events include: Fastelavn (Danish Mardi Gras) before Lent, Viking Fest in May, Viking Essay Contest in October, Lucia Festivals at Swedish Salem Church, as well as one for children at the Bay Ridge Library.

Secretly, the Museum is a haven for The Cult of Thor, led by Thor Mjölnerson, wielder of Thor’s Hammer. The Cult uses the festivals and faires to further work on their weapons skills, and they eagerly await the return of their deity.

The Scandinavian East Coast Museum

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