The Vanderbilt Tomb



Face: SThaddeus Glorius
Thaddeus has been groundskeeper of the Vanderbilt’s Tomb for as long as anyone can recall. Something about him hints that he might not be all that he seems, but, he remains loyal to the Vanderbilts and benefits from their protection.
Themes & Threats
Theme: Tomb of Famous Rich Family

Aspect: A Famous Tomb, need we say more?

Aspect: Angellic Tether to Marc

For more then 100 years, this has been the burial location of the wealthy and powerful Vanderbilt Family. The grounds are private and patrolled. Legend has it that if you take a picture of the Vanderbilt Tomb, either the person in the picture will not be in it when you develop it, or there will be another person in the picture that was not there originally. Rumors fly about of ghosts haunting the grounds, people disappearing without a trace, and strange creatures prowling the grounds. The Tomb is in actuality a tether to the Archangel Marc, and it is this connection which messes with the photography. However, the tomb IS haunted, and the ghosts of the Vanderbilt’s buried within take their duty of helping to protect the Tether and the remains of their family, very seriously.

The Vanderbilt Tomb

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