Violet Marten



Violet Marten, White Council Warden
High Concept: Slayer and Warden – Bringer of Council Justice

Violet Marten is one of two White Council Wardens assigned to NYC. She is also a Slayer, one of the few Slayers to have participated in the Battle of the Sunnydale Hellmouth. Soon after this battle ended, it was discovered by the Witch/Sorceress Willow Rosenberg, that Violet also had a strong potential for Wizardry. This was a mystery which stumped Rosenberg and her allies. Reluctantly, they sought the advice of the Watcher’s Council, who after weeks of deliberation, contacted the White Council. With the blessing of the Watchers, Violet was taken as an apprentice by Aleron LaFortier, senior council member. Violet idolized (and perhaps became a bit
infatuated with) her teacher. Her training revealed a strong tendency towards combat magic, and she became quite adept at evocation, as well as combining her magic with her Slayer abilities.

When LaFortier was murdered by the Warden Donald Morgan, she was dispatched to find his confederate, Warden Alexandra Ivanova. Since Morgan’s execution, The White Council has ordered Vi to forget Ivanova, but secretly, Vi still hunts Alexandra to this day, and is obsessed with bringing the ex-warden to justice. This, among other things, prevents her from ever seeing eye to eye with her fellow (and superior) warden, Professor Charles Fisher.

Violet Marten

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