Alexander Grougal



Power Level: Chest Deep

  • Total Refresh:  15
  • Unspent Refresh:  1
  • Skill Cap:  Superb
  • Total Skill Points:  38
  • Unspent Skill Points:  1
    Marked By Power (Smauverovax) (-1)
    Sight (-1)
    Soulgaze (0)
    Wizard’s Constitution (0)
    Evocation (-3)
    Specialization: +1 Air Power, +1 Earth Power
    Foci: Tungsten Ring +1 Earth Defensive Control, Leather Cuff Bracelet +1 Air Offensive Control, Ritual Dragon Fang Dagger +1 Fire Offensive Control, 4 Potion Slots
    Thaumaturgy (-3)
    Foci: Draconic Carved Gemstones +2 Divination Complexity, Titanium Ring +1 Potion Strength
    Refinement (-3)
    Morganian Ring of Rachel Zissman: Extra Aspect-Morganna’s Recollections (0)
    Raw Magical Power (Use Conviction for controlling spellcasting) (-1)
    Inhuman Mental Toughness (Catch- surprise) (-2)
      PHYSICAL: oooo    
      SOCIAL: ooo          
      MENTAL: oooooo          
“I was a squib. I was an embarrassment. I was humiliated, humiliating, and altogether a blemish for the family. Mother and father constantly worked to teach me magic, have me understand the elements, spirit, and how the were interwoven. They tried to teach me to draw power, to channel that power.

I was nothing short of a spectacular failure. I was labeled as a minor talent when I could make really good use of tarot cards. Nothing concrete- but I could make small predictions. However, I am positive that the label of a minor talent was nothing more than mother and father pushing favors so that I labeled as able to do magic. Afterall two wizards always produced magical offspring.

Like I said I was a failure.

At one point I fled from another fight with my parents and stumbled upon a man chain smoking. He looked at me quizzically, piercingly, more than that… he looked almost through me. He told me that I was the wrong techniques to make use of my gift. I did not believe him to be anything other than crazy, I questioned him. What did he mean, what gift? He continued looking at me strangely and let out a deep laugh. Then he said he could help me. Then he flicked my forehead…

My Backstory

Ever read Harry Potter? Remember Filch? He’s a pain in the ass, and he hates students. He hates the students mostly out of resentment, Filch is a Squib. See in Rowling’s universe witches and wizards can be born by two muggles, muggle and a witch or wizard, or a witch and a wizard. The last pairing is guaranteed to produce a witch or wizard. Except for Filch. He cannot cast any spells.

I was a Squib. I did have some small measure of magical ability- a minor talent in the terms used by the White Council. I was a family embarrassment too. I was walking late at night when I met a man who chain smoked like a fiend, I don’t fully remember what happened after making small talk but I recall a few events. He looked at me intently and said that I was using the wrong techniques for my gift. I didn’t understand so I questioned him, he laughed at me and said he knew who and what I was. He flicked my forehead and I doubled over in pain and woke up in an alley.

I made it home and found a note giving me a location and time. He left a cigarette, I don’t smoke.

I later learned his name, became his apprentice, and learned to use magic differently. Imagine trying to learn to swim by running in the water. Then being shown proper kicks and strokes. Suddenly you are flying through the water- it wasn’t a problem with muscles or nerves, it was the wrong thing to do! That is what happened with my magic. I was a late bloomer, excluded by the White Council and a family shame. I left our home for the city, but I didn’t tell my family or else they’d likely have Wardens visit me-once. So I left, I trained with Smauverovax. .



Training went well, but I had a challenge- I was strong. The best analogue for my power is like a fire hose, when I need to turn the pressure down I cannot sustain it and the spell goes everywhere. Either it explodes beyond my control or I strain and become exhausted to keep it under control. My master has worked with me, I know some exercises to help…. But they don’t always succeed. I was aiding my master in a conflict and nearly toppled a crane into his team. I was… Reprimanded. It’s a work in project, magic is hard- don’t blame me!




GUEST STARRING: Terri Foster & Telloria Stormrage

Rarely am I out of the loop. I would estimate I’m the number two or three operative for my master. Number one is definitely his love, but I am two or three. Sometimes though, I’m just not in the need-to-know. This was one of those cases. Toriel was meeting with some representatives from the Escobado Cartel. I do not know what, I wasn’t privy and I don’t pry into our affairs. The negotiations are progressing when the Fomor show up. I don’t know who picked the waterfront as a location, but we start accusing them of double crossing us. They call the same thing. Our discussions and accusations continue during the fight, but afterwards Terri Foster made peace with both sides of the group. Things went well. When a second wave attacked. A great black cat-thing I recognize jumps from freaking nowhere and begins helping out.



STARRING: Paul Swanson
GUEST STARRING:Janice Sanderson

Smauverovax was contracted by the House of Life, they were calling in a favor or seeking help or something. I was the help. I met a mummy (I didn’t even know they were a real thing) named Paul Swanson- decent guy a bit angry sometimes and loud- and helped plan… heists. His organs were scattered around the city. I helped organize the methods of retrieving them and reviving him fully. Paul was grateful, but not really patient when I was double or triple checking the plans and backup plans. What can I say? I’m thorough.



STARRING:Telloria Stormrage
GUEST STARRING: Janice Sanderson

Even vacation becomes a project. Apparently when I was in Florida, Telloria Stormrage was investigating a cult or some shit. I don’t know I didn’t take notes. I was trying to relax when a whole bunch of mojo was dinging my radar and I hear a fight. I burst into the area to see cult members and a group of girls. Not hard to see who the bad guys are today. I began mocking them and distracting them from a HUGE cat-thing. She took them out, transformed into Telloria Stormrage and I learned what the hell was going on. Except I didn’t have my notebook so I don’t remember it too well.



Alexander Grougal

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