Andrea Howe



Power Level: Feet In The Water

  • Total Refresh:  8
  • Unspent Refresh:  8
  • Skill Cap:  Great
  • Total Skill Points:  30
  • Unspent Skill Points:  30
    Emotional Vampire
    Human Guise
    Incite Emotion (Touch)
    Feeding Dependency
    Inhuman Recovery
    Inhuman Speed
    Inhuman Strength
    The Catch: True Love
Andrea started her life …


My Backstory

I was born and raised in New York City, the youngest member of the affluent Howe family. You could say I had a silver spoon in my mouth, and you’d be right. My older brothers both doted on me and spoiled me rotten, even though Steve didn’t really like to admit he was part of our family we were always super close. And since my parents were always too busy being super important people to bother with me, it was nice having my brothers to make me feel special.

You know how most girls go through that awkward phase, when nothing fits and they’re too tall and they get bad skin and braces? Yup, I skipped that I woke up one morning with a swimsuit model’s figure and perfect skin, and it just didn’t ever get awkward. I was always the life of the party, and when I hit high school I was the only freshman girl to make the varsity cheerleading squad.

And that was when I met Alex Karash. He was beautiful and smart and funny— captain of the football team but not one of those jerky jock guys. He was a senior and I never thought he’d look at me even but he did. We fell in love pretty fast— call it puppy love if you want but I know the real thing when it burns me. Alex and I dated the full four years I was in High School and he was in college, much to the disapproval of my family. Most kids parents push them to wait til marriage, right? Not my family. They all just wanted us to do it and get it over with. But I Wanted it to be special, you know?.

ASPECT: Social Butterfly


The night of my senior prom, Alex had a surprise for me. He’d gotten me an engagement ring. I didn’t know this though, so I’d planned on us spending the night together for the first time. We were in the limo on the way to the hotel when we stopped over at the liquor store for some champagne. I was teasing him , tickling under his jacket and the ring box fell out. It was beautiful… and the clatter of the box hitting the floor was enough for the asshole at the counter holding the place up to start firing his damn gun. I jumped in front of Alex and was shot in the stomach. He carried me to the limo and ordered the driver to take us to the hospital. But the driver took us to my house instead. Dad locked us in my bedroom. He explained to Alex what we were, what I was, and what would happen. He gave his life for me that night…and a succubus was born.

After graduation I went to college, but kinda just went through the motions. What mattered? The love of my life was dead and I’d killed him in the most intimate and terrible way possible. If it wasn’t for Hana, I never would have gotten through it Hana Sahng is the best friend a girl could ask. There are NO secrets between us. She knows what I am and I know what she is, and we lov— are best friends anyway. Hana made me live by threatening to kill me. And then eventually we grew closer. Now I don’t know what I’d do without her. She helped me heal and to be strong again.

ASPECT: Get By with a Little Help from My Friends


THE STORY: Where Have All the Frat Boys Gone?

Hana and I decided to throw our sorority sister Jenny Davis a bachelorette party. I asked Steve if we could rent out his club for the night, and since I’m his sweet little Andy-pants of course he let us do it for free. So the Delta Delta Gamma’s took over Studio 54, and I MIGHT have conned the Sigma Pi fraternity into dressing up as our male strippers for the night. But when we got there, there was no sign of the frat boys— just a perfect circle of ectoplasm that Jenny nearly broke her ankle in.

Steve got the girls organized in one of the back tables and told me that something had opened a “Way” So I groaned out “Of course I have to go to faerie in six inch heels!!!” Welll… this caught Vlad’s attention. Who’s Vlad? Well we kinda knew each other from before—- you know what more about that later. Anywho, Vlad volunteered to go give me a hand in Faerie, so in we went (Me, Vlad, and Hana) and what do we find but a bunch of trolls tying up the frat guys, and a really goofy guy smacking one with a breifcase. This, I found out later, was House, and he was trying to get his sword out. Or well, he’d been beating the guys at poker, and the trolls came in and took them as well as him planning to sacrifice them all to the moon god or something—- I don’t know the details I was busy kicking ass in shoes with iron stillettos for heels. MUhuhahahaha…. By the time the three of us kicked troll ass and got the guys back to the club— well I was Hungry. Soooo House got to be dessert.

ASPECT: Here I Come to Save the Day



Remember when I said I’d tell you more about Vlad later? Well later’s now. I forgot to mention my obnoxious sister Cordelia. She’s two years older than me and she’s perfect. I spent most of my life doing her dirty work, so really I shouldn’t have been surprised when yet again she finished with one of her toys, I’ll just call him Buck, and wanted me to break up with him for her. SO I did it… and that’s when I met Vlad. I don’t really know what went down between him and Buck after I left, nor do I care. What I do know is that Buck was going to propose to Cordie, with the SAME RING Alex had bought for me. Cheap bastard couldn’t even go to a real jeweler for my sister, had to go to the pawn shop. I kept it, it was mine in the first place, and it’s all have left of Alex.

ASPECT: What goes around comes around



Tori is a friend of mine, now, but we met each other in kinda sketchy circumstances. I was on my way to Mount Sinai for practical , cutting through Central Park,when I saw her in a fight with these really UGLY guys. I mean UGLY. Not just unwashed or no manicures, these guys put the ugh in ugly, ok?

So Tori pulls out a bow. A friggen bow! In the middle of Central Park. And before she could go all Katniss Everdeen on them two obviously human guys step out with tommy guns. Did I mention Tori was an elf? No? well she is, so I figured the members of go fug yourself dot com were probably faeries, and the guys with tommy guns were not. It had been a bit since I fed last, so I did best Gypsy Rose Lee and took them away for a snack.

ASPECT: Let Me Have You for Tea


Andrea Howe

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