Cassiopeia Agrippina



Power Level: Feet In The Water

  • Total Refresh:  8
  • Unspent Refresh:  8
  • Skill Cap:  Great
  • Total Skill Points:  30
  • Unspent Skill Points:  30
    Inhuman Recovery (-2)
    Inhuman Toughness (-2)
    The Catch: Weapons of The Old World (+3)
    Marked By Power (Aphrodite) (-1)
    Item of Power (Black Staff of the Word (-3)
    Wizard’s Constitution (0)
    Supernatural Senses (To See Auras of Creatures of the Void) (-1)
    Guide My Hand (-1)
Cassiopeia started her life by being unceremoniously dumped on the doorstep of one of the least respected nurseries, with a note attached with her name Cassiopeia Agrippina, daughter of Venus and just enough Denarii to give the most basic of care. This only compounded the problems with the fact that Cassiopeia was not in fact a daughter of Venus she was actually a daughter of Aphrodite, that difference could be picked up by not just the nurses but everyone else who came around, even perspective adoptive parents.

At or around the age of about 2 years old the nursery was at their wits end when it came to Cassiopeia as no one was willing to adopt her, and that they had not gotten any other instructions from her supposed godly parent and they knew they had to do something with her, so they tried to find a home for her. There were no takers they had to resort to bribes and deals to finally get someone to take Cassiopeia, so six months later at the age of 2 and a half she moves to a house that holds displaced half-blood children.

The house in question was only supposed to be a temporary situation for the half-bloods as it was for all but Cassiopeia. Every year on a specific day sacred to the god themselves they would arrive and visit their offspring and give them an idea of what and where they were to go. Every year the days of the god’s arrival would spell a flurry of activity in the house, to make the house perfect for the arrival. Every child would dress up in their finest clothing hopping for their parent to choose them in some way. The only day Cassiopeia would really try her best on were the days that Venus…

My Backstory

Dumped at camp Jupiter by Aphrodite
Outcast at camp Jupiter
General roman education
Had one friend a fellow outcast
Got in trouble even when she didn’t get In Trouble
Learned at about one and a half who she was
Was the outcast at camp Jupiter

ASPECT:: Emo Spiderman Has Nothing On Me


Only friend disappeared in front of her
Ran away from camp at age 16
Became an underage stripper in a seedy club owned by Zander Raith a whitecourt
Seedy Club and apartment burns down
Made Deal with Winter Court Fey (Dragonfly) to leave streets and more
Became a Feature Dancer (Stripper)
Introduced to capoeira master Alexandrina Lima who got her off drugs
Added Capoeira to Dance Routine

ASPECT: Natural Dancer/Capoeira Dancer


GUEST STARRING: Eric “House” Dapopapolis & Alex Stone

The evening before I had a strange vision of an FBI agent who I later learned was one Jane Blue, was in danger of being corrupted by a demon, a demon that would have his first meeting with her under the guise of an informant. The vision showed me a tenement in New York City. That morning I went near that place and staked it out in hopes it would lead me closer to the demon, that afternoon I saw the demon in question walk out of the building and get into a cab. I hailed a cab myself tailing him. It took me downtown, the minute I exited the cab I was accosted by this annoying man, someone I pretty much ignored hoping upon hope he would get the message. Eventually he did pull back and I thought I had gotten rid of him, unfortunately he apparently decided to follow me, while I continued to tail the demon into an alleyway. Just as I was about to strike the demon down with the Words Fire the Moron who I will from now on call Klutz boy under the guise of I guess trying to help me or impress me tried to get involve but instead fowled me up and tripped me in a tangle, all I could do was watch the demon chuckle and walk away. When I was able to untangle myself I was none to gracious to klutz boy and ground my heel into the hand that had pressed into my breast. Leaving him in a heap knowing I only had a short amount of time to get the demon before its meeting with Jane, I moved in the direction I knew the demon was going. When I caught up with the demon it was in a less opportune location more public, but I did not have a choice in the matter and attacked him. During the fight a fairly large male decided to join in, putting a few shots into the Demon giving me the chance to toss the Words Fire into the Demons unprotected form finishing him off.

ASPECT: Guided By the Word


STARRING:Eric “House” Dapopapolis
GUEST STARRING:Tauriel Elessidil

One afternoon I was walking through Manhattan near the Empire State Building, doing what I always do at those times I took my normal detour through and alley avoiding it, most days I have no issues that day as I was walking I was beset upon by a Cyclops, do you realize how badly they smell, well I got myself set to defend myself from the creature when out of nowhere I saw Klutz boy fly into me and since I was set against the Cyclops he was able to bowl me over and into a wall, hitting my head and knocking me out. The next thing I know I woke up the next morning in a hospital bed, with my Staff next to me and an odd looking arrow sitting on the table.

ASPECT: Why Does This Always happen to Me


STARRING: Baron Vladimir Szurke

One evening, or was it morning I don’t exactly remember, I was staying at an ok hotel due to my apartment being Fumigated, well I was walking towards the elevators when I noticed an inert body lying in front of them, seeing that I was the only one near I went over to the body only to notice it had knife in the back, I looked up to see what else was going on all I saw was the back of a human figure with a pigeon on his shoulder as the elevator doors closed.

ASPECT: Right Place Wrong Time


Cassiopeia Agrippina

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