Tauriel Elessidil



Power Level: Feet In The Water

  • Total Refresh:  8
  • Unspent Refresh:  1
  • Skill Cap:  Great
  • Total Skill Points:  30
  • Unspent Skill Points:  30
    Archaic Weaponmaster (+2 with hand made weapons (bows, swords, etc)) (-1)
    Wizards Constitution (0)
    Cloak of Shadows (-1)
    Inhuman Speed (-2)
    Item of Power “Artemisia” – Weapon 3; Needs No Ammunition (arrows appear magically on string), Inhuman Toughness (Catch: Fire), Inhuman Recovery (Catch: Fire), Concealable (Shrinks to become a golden broach) (-3)
PHYSICAL: oooo  
SOCIAL: oo  
MENTAL: ooo  
Tauriel started her life …


My Backstory

Tauriel was born in the elven city of Arborlon, in the Cintra (Willamette National Forest, Washington State) to King Elendil and Queen Kira, the youngest of three children (Serena (Sister and Eldest) and Jerle (brother). Like her sister and brother, Tauriel was trained from a young age in the ways of survival and hunting. From her earliest days, she loved the forest, exploring every nook and cranny, even those forbidden to the elves, because they bordered human lands. She also grew an insatiable fascination for humans, spend hours on the edge of their communities and campgrounds, observing and listening. Upon her 18th birthday, Tauriel joined the Elven Rangers.

ASPECT: Humans Fascinate Me


While in the rangers, Tauriel was dispatched throughout the Cintra, scouting for dangers and protecting the borders of her people.This brought her and her comrades repeatedly into conflict with supernatural creatures ranging from Red Court Vampires, to werewolves, and even several minor demons. These conflicts also caused her to repeatedly end up saving humans from the supernatural predators which haunted the borders of The Cintra. One such encounter brought her into contact with one Carolyn Palamas, a halfblood Daughter of Apollo.while on a solo patrol, Carolyn stumbled into Tauriel’s campsite, perused by a minotaur. Tauriel leaped to her feet and began to assist Carolyn in defeating the minotaur. During the battle, Carolyn was knocked unconcious, and Tauriel was forced to finsih the monster off unassisted. Once the minotaur was defeated, Tauriel turned her attention to Carolyn, and did her best to bind the woman’s wounds. She then built a travois, and brought the injured woman back to Arborlon. Only her status as princess and the respect her skills had earned her among her peers kept the other elven warriors from killing her on sight when they saw Carolyn, for Tauriel had broken the Elves greatest law in bringing Carolyn to the city. However, her father did permit the elven healers to see to Carolyn’s wounds, and the woman was eventually restored to health.

During Carolyn’s convalescence, Tauriel spent many hours speaking with the woman, learning of the world outside The Cintra and the beings within it. The two struck up a friendship and Tauriel defended Carolyn before the elven Court, as they determined the girls fate. Through Tauriel’s impassioned pleas, the elves allowed the Daughter of Apollo to leave Arborlon, with her oath to keep their existence secret. Tauriel, exiled for her violation of The Elves’ law, left with Carolyn, accompanying her friend to New York City.

Upon arriving in New York, Tauriel’s presence was immediately noticed by the dragon, Smauverovax, who sensed a powerful destiny within the elf. Subtly, he made contact with her under the guise of a human. Tauriel was almost immediately smitten with the human who took such an interest in her, and happily assisted him in minor tasks throughout the city, helping those in need. After several months of working together, and realizing that Tauriel was falling in love with him, Smauverovax revealed his true form. Tauriel was originally crushed by this revelation, then, once the initial shock wore off, her love for the dragon only increased, and as the Dragon tried to argue how this could not be, the great Wyrm grew to realize he too had strong feelings for the Elf. Eventually, the arguments ceased, Smauverovax resumed human form, and the two became not only allies, but lovers.

ASPECT: The Defenseless must be Defended


THE STORY: A Sister In Need Is A Sister Indeed

Several months after her relationship with Smauverovax began, Tauriel learned that her older sister, Serena was not only living in New York City, but that she too had broken Elven laws, having entered into a relationship with a human, and that this human had gotten her sister involved in many dangerous situations, including one that involved both The Winter Lady and the Olympian Hades, as well as Red Court operatives from the Escobado Cartel. Samuverovax did what he could to hide the conflict between Hades and Maeve, while Tauriel went to the aid of her sister. Before departing however, Smauverovax bestowed upon his elven lover a magical item from his treasure horde, the magical bow, Artemisia.

Tauriel slipped into One World Trade Center, and made her way to her sister’s apartment, just as various monsters attacked Serena and her guards. During the battle, several other humans, friends of Serena’s fiance along with the man himself, arrived, and dealt with the creatures. Overjoyed at being reunited with her sister, but wanting to keep her existence secret, Serena hid Tauriel in her apartment, while she met with her fiance’ and his associates.

Tauriel listened from her hiding spot, and learned that David (Serena’s Fiance) and his comrades, had recovered the Ring of Oberon, and wanted Serena to wield the ancient blade of the Elves and help them dispatch the Fallen Angel, Lasciel, recover The Ring of Oberon, and dispatch that ancient artifact to the Elven lands, to be secured within the Ellcrys.

Serena agreed, and left with David and his friends. Tauriel followed at a discreet distance, and observed as the group prepared an ambush for Lasciel’s host, in Central Park. A fierce battle ensued, and Tauriel subtly assisted where she could without revealing herself, her sister’s insistence on remaining secret keeping her from participating more. Serena slew Lasciel, destroying the fallen angel, and the ring was secured.

Follwoing the battle, Serena took her leave of the others, telling them she would deal with the ring, and convincing David she would be alright. Tauriel then accompanied her sister, once the two elves were away from the others. As they crossed Central Park in the early dawn hours, several humans bearing tommy guns, accompanied by several humanoids with swords (Creatures of shadow called Orcs) surrounded the two elves. Artemisia was immediately in Tauriel’s hands, and she and her sister fought valiantly for their lives and to prevent the ring from falling into the wrong hands. During the battle, the white court vampire, Andrea Howe, came upon the conflict, and subtly removed several of the humans from the conflict.

Once their opponents were defeated, the two elves quickly took their leave of those who had helped them and returned to Serena’s apartment, where she used a magical portal to return to Arborlon and place the ring inside the Ellcrys. Tauriel pateintly waited for her sister to return, her exile preventing her form accompanying her sister. Serena returned several hours later, and not only revealed to Tauriel her resignation as heir to the throne, but her engagement to David.

ASPECT: Friends and Family Come First


GUEST STARRING: Cassiopeia Agrippina

Having spent an evening out with her sister, Tauriel was returning to her apartment, enjoying the pleasant evening, as she passed by The Empire State Building. Her elven senses detected a conflict, and she went to investigate, only to come on a man and woman engaged in combat with two cyclopes, As she watched, the woman, bearing a black staff which Tauriel recognized as those carried by The Knights of the Word, was bumped by the man, and hit her head on the nearby wall, even as the man dispatched one of the monsters. Tauriel drew Artemisia and fired two arrows into the other cyclops, even as it fled, allowing the man to slay ti as well. While the man looked over the remains of his foes, Tauriel picked up the unconscious Knight, and brought her and her staff, to the nearest hospital.

ASPECT: Have Bow Will Travel


STARRING: Alex Stone

While walking through Central Park one evening, Tauriel came upon a group of humans, wearing robes and standing in a circle. She found this strange, and cautiously approached closer. She then noticed a wolf secured to a stone altar and immediately reacted, drawing Artemisia and firing two arrows into the nearest cultist. Shots then rang out from the other side of the circle, and the cu;tists fled. Tauriel persued the nearest fleeing cultist, but he escaped.

ASPECT: Leap Before you Look


Tauriel Elessidil

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