alexander journal season-3 episode 5



It was three days of waiting. Three days of healing and wait and meditating and watching over the comatose Alice. We could never leave her alone, we needed some info but it was deciding what was worth it. If she woke, she would be supremely dangerous. So eventually we decided that the Dragon’s facilities would be best. I knew John had other prisoners and that the hoard was as defensible a place as could be in New York. Hell, I’m pretty sure the place is actually a demesne in the Nevernever.

Three days, I spent in quiet contemplation. I had brought down Alice. But now we had to move against the Hendrickson Scourge. We reached out for help and thought that the ones who stopped Kemmler would be capable. They destroyed The Necromancer after all. Slew his lieutenants and aids and fought their way into and out of hell. They had a Chosen of Athena, a Warden, an Agent of God, and Immortal, and (as I learned) some kind of soul infused Terminator. They were far more powerful that us.

But so much has changed. I don’t really buy into the Great Men theory of history. But there is something to say about the few who have impossible hurdles thrown their way and continue to march forward. In a few months, my magic grew in leaps and bounds; I learned how to hide and move quietly to sneak around and move without a trace; I learned more about divinations and potions than I previously understood. So if I grew so much, arm I ready?

But the Kemmler Killers failed against the scourge. They’re souls are trapped and we have to find a way to free them and stop the scourge. Are we able to do so? We have always been in over our heads, but we never went after something that has already stopped peers.

As I contemplate, I rotate shifts of watching Alice. I contact my boss and star arrangements for her containment. But the Hendrickson Scourge is still on my mind. Even as I work on adjusting my magical foci for greater efficiency, lingering doubt and worry.

I suppose when it comes time, the path will be clear enough. This group (will we ever be friends?) needs my help. They need my magic, especially when things go wrong. More attuned focus items will help, more confidence in my magic will help. But magic always carries a price. What price will I need to pay next beyond exhaustion?

alexander journal season-3 episode 5

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