Alicia Washington



Alicia Washington
High Concept: Half-Demon Assassin for Hire

Alicia Washington, is the daughter of the Incubus, Liderc, a servant of the Demon Lord, Valmarkham, and Lucy Washington, then secretary to NYC Mayor Ed Koch. Alicia was raised well by her parents (her ‘father’ never knowing the truth of his ‘daughters’ origin), and sent to all the best schools as a child. Intelligent and beautiful, her parents were surprised when, upon graduation from High School, Alicia enrolled in West Point, rather than the Ivy League Universities they expected her to join.

Alicia graduated from West Point with honors, and with her Marksmanship badge. She maintained her skills as a sniper, even while rising through the ranks
to Captain, serving tours in both the Second Iraq War and Afghanistan. Her only time back in the states to attend the funeral of her parents, who were killed in a tragic automobile accident. In 2011, she left the Army, Honorably Discharged, after suffering injuries from, and losing her entire command, to an IED.

Her patriotism, once strong enough to make her join the Army, was diminished by her time in Iraq and Afghanistan, and destroyed with the death of her command. The injuries she suffered, healed completely, thanks to her demonic heritage, she returned to New York, and under the cover of a wealthy socialite, has subtly begun selling her talents for death and information acquisition, to those who can afford her services.

Alicia Washington

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