Anita Mirrorsong



Anita Mirrorsong
High Concept: High Elven Bard, Now Broadway Actress and Singer

Anita Mirrorsong (real name Anitaslyune Mirrorsong) was born in the City of Greyhawk, on the world of Oerth. She spent most of her young life training as a bard in one of the famed bardic colleges in the City, and earned a modest living traveling from tavern to tavern, singing and performing.

A human mage, enamored with Anitaslyune, whose affections she did not return, abducted her from her bed one evening, and began preparations to magically force her to return his affections. Anitaslyune escaped, and in the ensuing struggle, knocked over several of the mages experiments,
resulting in an explosion which destroyed his tower and swept her through Shadow to New York City.

Awakening on the street, in a strange land, Anitaslyune stumbled into Times Square, where, after seeing the other street performers, she did what came naturally to her, and began to sing. The passing tourists were so taken with her talent, she soon amassed a significant amount of money. Still not completely understanding where she was, out of desperation, Anitaslyune began to speak with Britney, the Hot Dog Vendor of Times Square. Recognizing the confused young woman for what she truly was, a creature of Shadow, Britney guided Anitaslyune to a friend fo hers, Zoe Washburn, another Creature of Shadow, and a Talent Agent who specialized in supernatural clients.

Zoe quickly recognized Anitasylune’s talents. Shortening her name to the more American friendly Anita, Zoe quickly got her new client a place to stay, and began lining up performances. Anita’s career skyrocketed, as she crossed multiple musical genres ranging from Jazz to Hip Hop to Rock. For the past 3 years, Anita’s records have repeatedly scored in the top 10 albums of the year, and she has multiple Grammy awards to her name. More recently, she has tried her hand at acting, taking the lead as Belle, in “Disney’s Beauty and the Beast” on Broadway.

Anita Mirrorsong

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