Camerons Journal Episode 4


From the Journal of Cameron Tam

Finally, I have begun to settle into my own life. My association with Teri and Andromeda, as well as being partners to Jane, ensures that my skills do not go to waste, and I begin to feel like a real person. V.S. no longer is scared of me, and in fact, has begun to demonstrate some interest in me as well. Does this mean he returns my feelings for him/ I don;t know, but i certainly hope it does.

Unfortunately, my life of happiness must be put on hold. The Creator has decided to destroy me, and those I care for. While investigating the draining of the power of The Muse, Calliope, several of my ‘sisters’ came on the scene and tried their best to eliminate me. For the good of my friends, I was forced to flee New York and lead them on a merry chase around the world.

I took the first flight from New York to London, and from there into Italy, Germany, and the rest of Europe. Wish I had time to admire the scenery. Wish even more V.S. was with me, but that cannot be, for now. At least I have transportation. This 1965 Aston-Martin that James gave me will be a great asset.

Jane contacted me, with dire news about my beloved V.S., and I contacted him to ensure he was alright. He seemed quite out of sorts, and was full of rage. I assured him I was alright, and that I had no other choice than to leave. He truly seemed concerned for me, and I could sense he missed me. I asked him to do for me what I can;t do right now, and watch over my friends. He agreed. He also revealed to me, reluctantly, that I apparently have a soul. Tabled this information for later contemplation.

It has been a day since I spoke with V.S. I cannot simply abandon my friends. In an effort to assist them, during my searches through The Shop’s systems for information on The Creator and my Sisters, I have also been looking for anything related to Calliope and The Tablet of Homer. I found an audio file, and e-mailed it to V.S. I hope it is of some assistance to them.

I…am confused. I have discovered a backup of my memory banks dating to 2 days prior to the repairs that Andromeda and S.A.R.A performed on me, in The Shop’s systems. I used this backup to fill in the blanks in my memory, and have discovered who I was before I was damaged. And this person frightens me. Cameron Jamison is best, left in the past. She was ruthless, cold, calculating, and hated humanity. Everything I am not. Even as I write this, I am on a plane bound for Chicago, there to make my way to Eureka, where I will confront S.A.R.A. and speak with her directly.

Chicago was..interesting. My trip from that city was delayed, due to an unfortunate run in I had with a group of werewolves down near the University of Chicago. I was there to speak with a contact of mine (from my time as Cameron Jamison) in regards to Eureka, and a group of foolhardy Red Court Vampires decided to jump me. I was easily dispatching them, when several wolves joined the fray, on my side. Once the vampires were dispatched, they revealed themselves as shapechangers, and after some discussion, I agreed to assist them in dealing with a nest of the creatures. They seemed like an interesting group, and were valiant fighters. Afterwords, I bid them farewell, and told them they were always welcome to contact me should they be in New York, my destination after my business in Eureka is completed.

I have arrived in Eureka, which was an unusual experience, as the town is apparently hidden by an Electromagnetic field. However, my sensors detected the field and I slipped inside, only to be met shortly afterwards by the town’s Sheriff. After a brief discussion, and a flashing of my Agency Badge, I was taken to a corporation named Global Dynamics, which is apparently owned by the Government. The scientists there were fascinated by me, as was Andy, the Sheriff’s deputy (and an artificial life form such as myself). After some scans by their scientists to ensure I was no threat, I was allowed to meet with S.A.R.A. The conversation was extensive, and she told me how she assisted Andromeda in reprogramming me. I think she was expecting me to be angry with her for the changes she made to my personality, but I wasn’t. I thanked her. Cameron Tam is a much better person than Cameron Jamison ever was. S.A.R.A. did help me integrate my missing memories though, so I am now a whole person again, and can remember my entire previous life. I am certain this will frighten my friends back in New York, but now I am no longer handicapped by memories I am missing. Also, I now have access to the resources squirreled away by my earlier self, as well as full and complete access to The Shop’s networks, codes, and systems.

It was fortunate that I was present, as one of the experiments at Global Dynamics was a robot intended for exploration of Titan, which when tragically insane. I was essential in aiding the Sheriff and his fellows in apprehending and restraining the robot, as well as in repairing the damage to it’s memory core. In return, the technicians at Global Dynamics were able to mostly repair my Arm Laser. It is not nearly as powerful as it once was, but it is functional and usable, should the need for it arise.

With my access to The Shop, I can safely return to New York. If my friends have not completed their task for Calliope, I will of course assist them in doing so. Then it is time to deal with The Shop and The Creator. I now remember the original purpose of my design and The Creator’s plans, and they cannot be allowed to continue. I know where they relocated to, and with the help of my friends, will deal with them accordingly.

Camerons Journal Episode 4

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